ok, so first off, it has been quite some time since my last blog. i do not know exactly how long but certainly long. anywho, i hate zucchini...there is just something about it that does not satisfy. but i like this photo...a few months ago i went to riverside for a day of photo fun with a friend... :)
i have not been spending a whole lot of time taking photos lately and it saddens me because it is something i enjoy. i was looking through some old photos and this on captured my attention. this piece of paper was on a table where a clown had her paint set up because she was a face painter. she had a cotton candy pink wig on her head and the smile on her face even had me convinced...i almost jumped in line to ask for a butterfly or a unicorn or something. now i am not one for that type of what ever one might call it but she was so pleasant. the type of person one could just sit back and watch all day....in a not creepy way.
this week was interesting...i might write about it next week...when this week has passed.
this is a list of my most unfavorite things...just because:)
-country music
-sound of music
-horror films
-lifted trucks...and sometimes, the arrogant bros driving them.

over and out.