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my new toy...

but not really a toy...i bought a neti pot yesterday:) i know it is so gross but it is the best investment! i have been dealing with a cold/sinus infection for the past month and i have been spending lots of money on medication aaaand...none of the meds have been working. so, my terrific friend chad told me that his lovely wife erika used this thing called neti pot. as he was describing the whole process, my tummy was feeling just sounded so yucky. but i was desperate and i gave in and yesterday i purchased one and it is the craziest thing!! it is a little tea pot that cleans out your head:) good times...

hair cuts and kindness...

i got a haircut today:) it isn't noticeable but it has been quite some time since the last one so i thought today was a good day to change that. it is not shorter just cleaner and lighter. my head doesn't feel so heavy now. anywho, i have been working on a paper and doing some thinking on the side. i experienced something that rubbed me the wrong way yesterday and i have been thinking about it all day. 

i heard someone say negative things about another person. it wasn't by choice and i most def. was not eavesdropping. i was actually reading a book at work, i do that on my free time, and out of nowhere i heard this really negative thing and that made my nose bunch up and i thought, "yikes..." that really got me thinking. i was thinking about how we treat each other... and if it is how we would want others to treat us... and yes, that absolutely includes saying negative things about others when they aren't present. i have always heard and used the little saying, "kill... with kindness."this perhaps dumb saying has been a help to me.. it leads me to believe that kindness is key. it feels so much better to be kind, positive, lovers.
i know we all do it or have done it at one time or another but i guess i just thought that it was something we grow out of with time... i think most people do:) i know i much prefer a good old fashioned conversation about the weather... which has been so nice these past few days:) 
we were made to love so lets:)

sleepy smiles...

it is 1:21 pm and in just under forty minutes i will be off from work. it has been one busy day and chad has been doing a terrific job at keeping me entertained...see exhibit a...above photo:) i am you will notice in exhibit below:) that is my tired and ready for a nap smile. i think everyone has one of those even if they are unwilling to admit to it. i hope you are all having a very happy weekend. eat chocolate...i have been doing so...and it makes me happy:)

what a weekend...

ok, so it wasn't really that eventful but it was a really nice one. on friday night, my big sister and i went to get our dresses hemmed and i am certain that when they are finished they will be terrific. the drive there was a tad scary but we made it there and back safely. the dresses are nice- they are long and flowy(not a word) and blue.if you look at the center photo in the above collage, it is the darkest one out of the bunch. the lady that is working on this is a really nice lady. she was the director at a hospital once upon a time and now she just spends her time doing fun making wedding dresses.

on saturday i had to work which was totally ok because i didn't have any fancy plans for valentine's day. my good friend zack and myself both had the closing shift which was fun. we chatted with our friend chris via aim and thought it very appropriate to send him a little v-day card so we did. and it was homemade and if you look at the above photo you will know exactly what it looked like:) afterwards we played go fish and since i won the first four gams i thought it would be nice to give zack a chance to win too and he did:) today 
was a really nice day. my friends robyn and janell came
out for a visit and it was so wonderful. robyn is one of my 
very best friends and i love her so very much and janell is her sister who is my friend as well and whom i love dearly as well. anywho, janell was telling robyn and i about a film she had seen some time ago and i suggested we go out to rent we did. we watched it and basically, you should all go out a rent it or buy it because it is an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL film. i will be purchasing it tomorrow. what makes it really fun is that the little girl in the film is romanian. at first, robyn and i thought she was hispanic due to janell telling us so. there was a scene in the film where the foreign language came in and to my surprise i understood every word she spoke because it was in my heart language! so basically, my weekend was so swell and i hope you all enjoyed yours just the same if not better:) the week has begun... allow it to be lovely.

happy valentine's day my friends:) 

share love with everyone around you today... but not just today, everyday. it is the best thing we have to offer.

and eat lots of yummy chocolate:)


i had my first class at the university of redlands last night. my nerves had really gotten the best of me by the time i actually made it to class:) i knew it was going to be a different kind of learning and i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to handle it. i had heard about the program and all of the projects and lesson planning and remembered that for the past however many years, i have become really good at writing papers... which seems useless now:) anyhow, i walked into the classroom last night and was greeted by the brightest smile, it belonged to the sweet looking lady behind the desk. i took my seat at the nearest available LEFT handed desk and pulled out my notebook, pen, pencil, and water. i sat there and watched the others sitting and the new ones walking in and they all seemed nice. after a few minutes, class finally began and it was AMAZING! the students are terrific and  the professor is so sweet and brilliant. i still can't believe that i enjoyed the class so much after being so freaked out about it for weeks now. i can truly say that i am looking forward to what this program has to offer. mostly, i am looking forward to becoming a teacher, hopefully soon:)

enjoy today. it is a bit nippy out but it is lovely and the mountains are covered with snow so enjoy:)

ps...i went to winter camp this past weekend and as soon as i finish editing the photos, i am going to write about was so wonderful!


i hate being sick:( it makes me feel like the above photo...

over and out.