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more and more christmas:)

robyn and janell came over in the morning and we had such an amazing time together. we had lunch and sweets and tea and after, we exchanged gifts and let me just say, it was super. janell got me some really fun stuff but my favorite was the jar filled with button! thank you janell:) robyn made two pillows and the are AMAZING! owls, buttons, brown, perfect...thank you robyn:)
my family went to the christmas eve service at their church and after we went home to wait for the carolers. romanians still carol and it is wonderful and they come to my house every year so we stay up and wait for them. we had dinner and played tons of games and had wonderful family time together. christmas was really special this year. we had such a wonderful time together as a family and the focus was where it needed to be. that made the whole time that much more special.
since my sister and brother were home, we opened presents on christmas eve. it is nice getting that done christmas eve. we all opened gifts together and had such a nice time. i didn't ask for anything this year which is grand because i love and am grateful for everything i received. we had such a nice evening.
it was grand. on to a new year! 2010 is here, crazy right! have a super week:)

christmas part one.

christmas week was so lovely at the opris home. i feel like i have a million things to write about but i don't think it is possible so i will highlight a few.

early in the week my family had a family dinner and it was all done by bec, aura, and tim...thank you:) we had a terrific time chatting, laughing, eating, and building gingerbread houses. i say houses because we had a competition, boys vs. girls and it was intense. the girls obviously won but the guys put up a fight...kind of. i think they thought too much out of the box and maybe it overwhelmed them a bit:) we ended the night by going to rancho to see the christmas lights and that was super. it is tradition for us:)
i so love my family and it was such a nice way to begin our christmas.

merry christmas:)

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas eve and christmas day. i am pretty sure i will:)

love the stuff...

last night a few sweet friends and myself played a neat show at a little venue in upland. it was actually a terrific place and we had such a great time. a few other friends were there to support us. we only decided to do it two weeks ago so it was so nice that they all came out to see us:) i know i will have a few more photos to post but zack sent this one to me today. the guy is brian and i wrote about him before. he is a pretty talented guy and i am so glad to be able to music with him and the others who you will meet once i get the other photos.
we had a really super time and considering we only rehearsed three times i think it went pretty well. we had so many good things happening on that tiny little much to be grateful for.
i hope you are all enjoying this rainy weather. it is so rare so take it all in friends!
have a super week.

thanksgiving and the mission inn and surprises

what an amazing thanksgiving weekend and i mean that times a million. i know this is a tad late but things have been quite busy these past few days:) thanksgiving was so wonderful. we enjoyed it at my sister's home and when i say we, i believe there were about fifteen of us. my family, ryan and cc, ryan's family, and zack and janna. we ate for a while and it was a while because there was food like crazy! we are a board game kind of family so after our yummy meal, we got out the games and had such a fantastic time together. the night ended with a bit of wii. it was such a wonderful day and i was so grateful that day and am so grateful.

friday was black friday and no, i did not participate...well, sort of. i needed to go to the craft store to pick up a few items and thought that since it was the afternoon and the craft store, i didn't need to worry about the madness...and i was wrong. i waited for a bit too long in line and rushed home to celebrate my little sister's 18th birthday! i remember when she was born so it is crazy to think she is officially and adult. she is a lovely one at that. confident, humble, and motivated. after the celebration, my siblings, myself, and friends drove to the mission in for the lighting. it is always a fun thing and we have been doing it for the past few years now and has become sort of a tradition for us and i love it. it was just a nice time of togetherness. we laughed a lot, some sang...eheheh, hugged, and had an all around good time. and the fireworks were pretty fun.

to be thankful...

i just woke up and the day has yet to begin so i thought to write a bit before it gets crazy:) i have so many reasons to be thankful year after year. many of them are the same year after year and i know that sounds lame but i am so glad that many of them are the same. but there is always something new to add to the last:) thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite celebrations of the year. it is something we do year round, give thanks that is, and one day during the year we actually get together to share it together. i think it would take me hours and hours to write down all of the things i am grateful for so i will just hit a few main ones:)
i am grateful for a heavenly Father who loves me, forgives me, keeps me accountable, challenges me, and gives purpose to my life. i love that He makes everyday matter and that not a day goes by where even if it isn't the best He still makes sure that i know He is there.
i am grateful for the family He has provided for me. i am so blessed with the mom and pop that i have and wouldn't trade them for anything:) my mom is the reason that i am the girl i am today and my dad helped a bit too:) they have always been so encouraging and loving and that can be tough with six kids but the did it and continue to do it:) my three sisters and two brothers are the best five any person could ask for and i mean that with my whole heart. i am grateful that my relationship with them is growing and not fading and that the love within our circle of six is so wonderful!
i am grateful for the special boy in my life who will soon be my HUSBAND! that is so wild. i came from a place of being so against it and i am so glad that the Lord beat me at my own game:) i am so thankful that the Lord took the past almost seven crazy years and turned them into beautiful love. i am so grateful for zack and who he is as a person and that he loves the Lord and that if he had to, he would cross entire oceans to get to me...he has never said it verbally...eheheh... but his actions show it a million times. i am grateful that his love for me isn't getting old, it is getting stronger by the day. i am grateful that he wants to lead me and take care of me. i am just so thankful for us:)
i am thankful for the friendships i have in my life. i am so privileged to be able to call some of the people i know friends. i am grateful for the conversations, for the loyalty, love, and so many other things. i am glad that distance is not a factor in my friendships with those whom are far away. i am glad that those that are near desire to spend time with me and make the effort to do so. thank you friends:)
i am grateful for a home and all those other things but pray that i always remember others who are less fortunate. and to be joyful to always help where i can. i want to always remember that where much is given, much s required.
i hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving:)


i love the stuff. i can't get enough of it. tonight we had an art opening at the shop and a group of about thirty poets came out to share their work. they all crammed into the back room, created a tiny stage, and to music, recited lovely creations. there was one woman who was lovely. i felt like my heart was going to jump out a few times when she was sharing. they were all brilliant. zack actually shared two pieces and they were just wonderful. he wrote one for me and it was lovely. it reminded me of years ago when we first met. he would come over to my apt, sit across from me, and read to me. i liked that:)

i'm not sick:)

well, i still have a tiny cough and scratchy throat BUT that is nothing. this past week and a few days has been so challenging for me. have to deal with a MONSTER flu can take a huge toll on any person no matter how super hero like they are...i am not one of those super hero ones:) anywho, i feel so great and this week has been so amazingly good thus far. there has been a couple bumps but even those bumps added to the goodness of this week. we have a Creator who is capable of making even the crummy things become not so crummy and i love that so much. sunday night zack and i went to rock harbor and it was so good. the pastor said something that i just can seem to shake. something so simple but so good. he said, "the worship you experience during your week should validate what you sing in the service on sunday." our everyday lifestyles should make our words we sing in church full and meaningful. how true and lovely is that picture. on top of a neat message i was able to see dear friends. friends that i don't get to see as often as i would like so seeing them was ultra enjoyable.
i can't really remember monday but yesterday was fun. work, nap and hang out with chris and nicole! it was my first time meeting nicole and she was super fun. plus a new skirt, tights, and nail polish from forever 21. everything amazingly priced so i don't feel bad:) funny story...i was looking at the nail polish trying to decide on which brown. i was holding the bottles by the tops and when i shook one the bottle flung of and hit the lady standing next to me...the top still in my hand...yikes! she jumped and i apologized and when she said all was well i walked away smiling. a little bit chuckling but at myself not the super sweet woman. today i helped my sister pack and move everything in her apt. she and her husband just bought a new home. we are having thanksgiving at their house:)
i am so looking forward to the weekend. zack and i are visiting my little sister in slo and after we will be having a day adventure in solvang! i have been waiting to go there for years now and it is finally happening and i am so excited! it should be fun. hope tonight is so fun for you:)

ps- i haven't been able to do much lately and today i looked at my phone and saw that i had messages. when i listened, the first thing i heard was,"you have SEVEN new messages." yikes! sorry friends, i will be calling you soon.

it could have been so much worse...

halloween that is. saturday morning was the most crummy part of this flu i am experiencing. and i just couldn't believe it especially because i spent so much time making my costume and zack's costume this year. i made zack's while watched great pumpkin...i really love charlie brown. i was so disappointed at the idea of not wearing them and fortunately zack said that was not an option...not wearing them, that is. so, we got dressed up, took a couple photos, made a couple quick stops and that was it. but it was so nice:) i am so glad we got to wear them. we ended the night by watching the fall, if you have not seen it, please watch it. the little romanian girl is the sweetest thing ever:) anywho, it was a really nice halloween even if i was sick. if you can't tell, we were owls. yay:)
zack made his hat and he had a hard time parting with it...this photo was taken the day AFTER halloween:)
thanksgiving, i am so ready:)

still sick..

i just can't believe it. i am with fever and in bed and it is just horrible. but i am not throwing up so it is not ultra horrible. please pray for me.

sort of sad/happy halloween...moslty.

yesterday, i came down with the stomach flu. i just don't know why but boy oh boy, does it suck. when it first came about, it was just a fever. a couple hours into it, it finally broke and i was so happy. zack and i had a wedding to go to so since my fever broke and i was feeling mostly ok, i wanted to go. to support our friends, to see our friends, and to see cael in a tux:) i made it through the ceremony which was just beautiful but we had to leave soon after because the blasted flu was on the attack. i had a little sprite to calm my tummy but on the way to the car, my tummy decided it couldn't keep the sprite in:( oh gosh, it was such a disaster.
i finally fell asleep last night but my stomach woke me up bright and early at 6am this morning. normally i am ok with waking up was the fact that the toilet was calling my face that was the problem. I was so upset when i woke up feeling sick because i made my halloween costume this year and i was going to wear it to a fun party and i knew all of that was not going to happen if i was still ill this morning...and i did. anywho, my morning nastiness lasted until about 10:30am. i spoke to my friend erika, who is a nurse, and she recommended pedialyte and i was so surprised but so happy once i got it. thank you erika. it doesn't taste completely horrible and the throwing up has stopped...hopefully for good.
i won't be doing anything fun tonight which is mostly sad since i love halloween but i am so thankful that i am feeling better.
i hope you have such a happy halloween. be safe and eat tons of candy. it's totally ok tonight:)


today i felt physical pain in a way i have never felt before and it was completely miserable. i woke up this morning and did my workout which was wonderful. i showered, got ready, and went over to zack's for lunch. we had a really neat study from philippians, we went for a bike ride, and after we went for lunch at panera which was great. i know, you are probably wondering where the pain comes it is. when lunch was over we went back to zack and jame's home and i was sleepy so i laid down for a nap on the top bunk. bad idea. when i woke up from my nap, i got up ultra fast and i bonked my head on the ceiling and when i say bonked, i mean BONKED. it beat the time i was smashed in the face by a tennis ball. it was loud and painful and it was ten minutes before i had to go into work. i set my alarm to wake me just before my 2:00 shift:( my head hurt so bad, so work was a bit tough tonight. my head feels like it is going to roll right off of my neck. i know it isn't but it is the biggest ouch i have experience in a long time, maybe ever. lesson learned...don't EVER take the top bunk. overall, my day was still lovely. i hope yours was as well. sweet dreams ahead.

ps...i know it is silly, but please pray for my head:)


zack just launched a new photo blog and it is wonderful and you should look. it is not full yet but he will be posting more in the days to come which is super exciting. if you ever need someone to snap a few shots, he would be a neat pick:)


if you know me, you know that i happen to really love owls. and when i write really, i mean REALLY. every time i find an owl, i buy it, if it is reasonably priced that is. there have been times when i have purchased two or three of the same owl just because i loved them so much...true story:) i even have lovely friends who have gifted me owls for no special reason but the fact that they thought of me when the passed by an owl in a shop. so sweet.
well, this year i decided to get a bit creative for halloween. i know, i know, you are probably thinking, "roxi, aren't you a little too old for halloween?" and you know, maybe i am but i still really like it and i am going to like it for a long time, i think. well, i am just bits and pieces away from creating an owl costume and truly, i am so excited about it. i am going to a fun little party on halloween and i want to dress up a bit:) like i said, i still have a bit to go, but i am really enjoying it thus far. i like halloween so much and this year, i get to wear something homemade:)


today was such a fun/funny day. well, it ended funny but the overall day was wonderful. i woke up early this morning and got ready for a wedding...i wore my homemade headband and i really like it so much. once i was ready i picked zack up, and the two of us headed out to brea. he took photos for a friend's wedding and i sang during the ceremony. it was a really special ceremony and i am pretty sure it is safe to say that everyone there enjoyed the experience.
ok, onto the funny:) a little while ago zack got into a car accident...this is not the funny part yet. it was a pretty bad one so his car just went downhill no matter how much he has been trying to care for it. well, last week, the poor thing finally gave in and it just isn't drivable anymore. zack decided to go on a search for a new/used car and one of the places he is searching is craigslist. he doesn't have very much money to put into a car so since we have both found some pretty super things through craigslist, why not try the car search. well, he found a super deal and today after the wedding, we decided to go take a gander at the vehicle.
long story short, when we were walking over to meet the man who was selling the car, he ran across the street and nearly killed a man. yes, really. he ran over, knocked a man down and gave him a pretty hard kick in the head...the man did not get up. the car owner(well at least we thought he was the car owner...we don't really know) walked back over to us, apologized and smiled, and proceeded to tell us about the car...what?!! it got that much worse when an older woman came out of the house and suggested that someone go over to make sure the man was still breathing! oh gosh, i almost peed my pants. zack did the smartest thing ever and got us out of there asap. it was so crazy mostly because we were in a nice part of town so i am not sure what in the world happened. well, we took off and it is safe to say that we will be avoiding that type of scenario at all costs from here on out:) the way, the man on the ground, he got up...we saw as we were leaving...yikes. so zack still needs a car. if anyone out there has one or knows of one, zack is looking. thank you.
when we got home, we told my folks about it and all had a good laugh. i decided to work on my halloween costume a bit. i am so close to being done and it is going to be the sweetest owl costume:) i will post photos of it and of the wedding when i get a few.
friends, i hope you experience peace this week. i am going to do my best.


it was a good day. it has been quite some time since my last note so i decided yesterday that today would be the day for a new one. yesterday, i had a million things to write about, today it seems that i forgot them all:) which is ok. i suppose that just means i will write to let you know about recent happenings. another time:)

a day like today...

is the kind of day i don't want to experience often. i have not been in such a funk in a very long time. i don't know what it was but everything that could have been strange in a bad way and wrong was and more. i don't know that i ever believed that weather could be a factor in a person's emotional state but zack and a few other individuals told me it can be(really???). it makes me a bit more upset because i like the fall so much but the sudden weather change was so weird for me today. it really was. i don't know what else to credit my sudden mood change to because i work with lovely people who care about me and there was no specific event that had potential to devastate my day. i am getting ready to open my Bible in a bit. i can't think of anything i would rather do right now. and sarah is coming over.

visit #2

we couldn't resist. aura, joe, and laura wanted to visit the pumpkin patch today so for the second sunday in a row, we went for a visit. and it was just as fun as the first one:) dry corn was the major purchase this week and it is just so beautiful. i love family and friends and that fall is here.


yesterday i went to the pumpkin patch in yucaipa and if you have never been, you should go. it is such a wonderful place especially when you are there with lovely people. sarah, james, mandy, zack, and myself all decided it was a good day to pick pumpkins and we were so right:) we found some really lovely ones. after we found our pumpkins, which were not all the traditional orange color, we went to see the goats because i love them so much. one day i would like to have a little goat if it is at all possible. we had such a neat time feeding them and playing with them. it was such a happy time. happy fall friends. enjoy it:)

fall, i like you...a lot.

i know that yesterday wasn't the first day of fall but it was the first day of october and i am pretty sure that it is most likely my favorite month. anywho, yesterday i woke up with no plans. i worked last night so i knew it would be better to keep a free schedule in the morning. i woke up late, cleaned up, and read a bit, and later in the morning zack called. he invited me to lunch and a bike ride in downtown. who could say no? i went over without big red because he can't really fit in my car:) but it was ok because james has a great bike that i was able to borrow. we road over to the state street deli and had was excellent:) after, we road over to augie's for a few minutes and that was pretty delightful. and once we finished there, we just road around town and it was such a nice day, wonderful company, cool breeze and all, so i really enjoyed it. i just liked not having anything on my mind for once and just enjoying the day. i find that hard to do sometimes these days but it happens and it is ok. zack decided he wanted to take a few photos so i was nice and i let him:) he only sent a couple over but when i get more i will post more. also he sent me a few photos from that last mini shoot he did so i will post a few today. i know today is going to be a bit warm but it is going down hill from here, in a good way. have a restful and pleasant afternoon.
thank you zack:)


this song just is:)

happy sleep ahead.

ps...happy fall:)
1. What's you fave fall festivity?
crunching the leaves on the ground:)
2. Got any spooky ideas for Halloween?
i'm going to be wednesday addams and an owl...i don't think the owl is spooky:)
3. Pumpkin patch or corn maze?
4. How are you gonna give thanks this Thanksgiving?
with my lovely family. i'm pretty sure it is my number two favorite holiday.
5. Do you carve pumpkins?
of course. pumpkin carving parties are grand.
6. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
apple. i carve pumpkins, don't eat them.
7. Haunted house or haunted maze?
neither. i am not too keen on the whole 'haunted' thing.
8. What's your favorite fall grub? cider donuts from snowline in oak glen:)
9. What's your autumn drink?
gingerbread chai...fall and winter.

10. What's your fave thing about fall?
everything. but especially wearing scarves, hats, and boots...i wore boots today.
11. Cool costume ideas for Halloween?
wednesday adams and owl.
12. What are you wearing for homecoming?
is that in the fall?
13. Jumpin' in any leaves?
you betcha:)
14. Going any place fun this fall?
i sure hope so. a few trips to oak glen and the pumpkin patch are certain.
15. Fave Halloween candy?
reese's peanut butter cups.

sometimes people are just...

nice:) today brian and i are working together. half an hour ago, our really sweet friend from the olive market, missy, brought over spaghetti with veggie marinara sauce for both of us. what a terrific lunch it will be. have a nice day. i am:)

reason number one...

why i am ready to see summer go. i can honestly think of a million but currently the main one is so that yucaipa doesn't burn down. there is another fire today. i think it is the third one in under a month. i am ready for the fall.

fall, you're here:)

but not quite yet because it is still over 100 outside. i was too sick yesterday to mention it but i just woke up and i am feeling grrreat so now is the perfect opportunity. there is no question about it, fall is my favorite season and i think from this point on it will continue to be. when i was younger i hated it due to the fact that it meant summer was over...i don't know how i ever loved the summer time in california so much. it is nice and all but the dry heat followed by not so dry heat followed by more heat...i don't know, it just doesn't seem very balanced or enjoyable and if you are not from these parts, i should let you know it isn't enjoyable. fall on the other hand is wonderful. the changing, falling, and crunching of the leaves. bare trees. the pumpkins. halloween and thanksgiving...i like both. the orange, yellows, and browns. cloudy and cool days...sometimes even rainy. movie nights at home that require blankets. a lit fire in the fireplace. the pies and the cider. the pumpkin patch and oak glen. leg warmers, boots, sweaters, scarves, and my personal favorite, hats. i could probably go one for days about why i love fall so much but i will stop here. happy fall, my friends:)


i just watched this:

and i think i'd like to see it.
i don't like sick days:(


i experienced something so interesting at work today and thought i would share it because it was hopefully a once in a lifetime type of thing. a group of ultra hippies came in today and made a very big mess. i mean it...they left a mountain of trash on the table and floor where they sat. it took zack about five whole minutes of walking back and forth before he was finally finished cleaning the area...table and floor. one their way out the leader of the pack came over to where i was standing and asked me a very interesting question. he began by telling me that he was putting on a play about space aliens. he paused for a whole minute, very awkward, and i just stood and looked at him...i didn't know what else to do:) after that minute, he began to speak again and this is where it gets even better. he told me he was looking for costumes and after he asked me where i got my outfit. i thought for a second and followed up by asking him, "do you think i look like an alien?" his exact next move: long pause and strange stare-"ummmm...yes. soooo, where did you get your outfit?" i had to bit my lip to keep from laughing uncontrollably. i was wearing a pretty normal outfit today. brown leggings and a really cute teal top, gladiator sandals and a homemade hairpiece. alien-like? NO. because these items were purchased long ago, i didn't have solid answers for him so i told him to check target. if you know of a good place to find alien-like clothing whatever that may be, let me know and i will pass it along if i see him in the future...ehehehe:) terrible, i know.
ps...i saw this in vogue today and i have a sneaking suspicion that it might be what aliens wear...minus the russian fur hat:)

wild horses...

last night i knew the cute lady that won the british talent show was going to perform on the american version so i really wanted to see it because i just think she is such a cutie:) well if you know me, you know that my favorite song of ever is wild horses and to my surprise, she ended up performing it. she isn't mick jagger but she did such a lovely job. what a good song. anywho, i decided to youtube the song to see who covered it in the past and i found a few:

old and in the way

adam levine and alicia keys

guns n roses

and last but the best:

the stones

have a lovely evening.
it is ok if you don't like this song. but give it another chance if you don't:)

joseph's storehouse...

this morning i woke up a but late...i say late because i actually made plans:) but it was ok. i got ready and drove out to a place called joseph's storehouse. it is a really neat project i learned about through restoration and i really like what it is about. those who are able go in every wednesday morning from 8am to 11am, organize bags and boxes of food, and hand them out to those in need. a lady there said today was one of the busiest days they have ever had. it was my first time going and it is something i want to continue to do. it is a really good thing.
afterward, i went by augie's and met with this really neat lady. her name is cindy and she is inspiring and she makes the most beautiful quilts i have ever seen. they are so creative and poetic and lovely. the detail is incredible and she has the funnest names for them...i saw the one in the second photo today and it is named the three sisters mountain...and i really like that because i have three sisters. she is going to be showing her work at the shop soon which i am SO excited about so if you are anywhere near redlands, or not, you should def. come out for a gander:)
and just after that, i went to buy a birthday gift and on my way out i spotted these jelly belly jelly beans. i am not a huge candy person. i like pretzels more. but i like it sometimes and especially these...i think they are my new favorite right after reeses peanut butter cups:)
over and out.