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to be thankful...

i just woke up and the day has yet to begin so i thought to write a bit before it gets crazy:) i have so many reasons to be thankful year after year. many of them are the same year after year and i know that sounds lame but i am so glad that many of them are the same. but there is always something new to add to the last:) thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite celebrations of the year. it is something we do year round, give thanks that is, and one day during the year we actually get together to share it together. i think it would take me hours and hours to write down all of the things i am grateful for so i will just hit a few main ones:)
i am grateful for a heavenly Father who loves me, forgives me, keeps me accountable, challenges me, and gives purpose to my life. i love that He makes everyday matter and that not a day goes by where even if it isn't the best He still makes sure that i know He is there.
i am grateful for the family He has provided for me. i am so blessed with the mom and pop that i have and wouldn't trade them for anything:) my mom is the reason that i am the girl i am today and my dad helped a bit too:) they have always been so encouraging and loving and that can be tough with six kids but the did it and continue to do it:) my three sisters and two brothers are the best five any person could ask for and i mean that with my whole heart. i am grateful that my relationship with them is growing and not fading and that the love within our circle of six is so wonderful!
i am grateful for the special boy in my life who will soon be my HUSBAND! that is so wild. i came from a place of being so against it and i am so glad that the Lord beat me at my own game:) i am so thankful that the Lord took the past almost seven crazy years and turned them into beautiful love. i am so grateful for zack and who he is as a person and that he loves the Lord and that if he had to, he would cross entire oceans to get to me...he has never said it verbally...eheheh... but his actions show it a million times. i am grateful that his love for me isn't getting old, it is getting stronger by the day. i am grateful that he wants to lead me and take care of me. i am just so thankful for us:)
i am thankful for the friendships i have in my life. i am so privileged to be able to call some of the people i know friends. i am grateful for the conversations, for the loyalty, love, and so many other things. i am glad that distance is not a factor in my friendships with those whom are far away. i am glad that those that are near desire to spend time with me and make the effort to do so. thank you friends:)
i am grateful for a home and all those other things but pray that i always remember others who are less fortunate. and to be joyful to always help where i can. i want to always remember that where much is given, much s required.
i hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving:)


i love the stuff. i can't get enough of it. tonight we had an art opening at the shop and a group of about thirty poets came out to share their work. they all crammed into the back room, created a tiny stage, and to music, recited lovely creations. there was one woman who was lovely. i felt like my heart was going to jump out a few times when she was sharing. they were all brilliant. zack actually shared two pieces and they were just wonderful. he wrote one for me and it was lovely. it reminded me of years ago when we first met. he would come over to my apt, sit across from me, and read to me. i liked that:)

i'm not sick:)

well, i still have a tiny cough and scratchy throat BUT that is nothing. this past week and a few days has been so challenging for me. have to deal with a MONSTER flu can take a huge toll on any person no matter how super hero like they are...i am not one of those super hero ones:) anywho, i feel so great and this week has been so amazingly good thus far. there has been a couple bumps but even those bumps added to the goodness of this week. we have a Creator who is capable of making even the crummy things become not so crummy and i love that so much. sunday night zack and i went to rock harbor and it was so good. the pastor said something that i just can seem to shake. something so simple but so good. he said, "the worship you experience during your week should validate what you sing in the service on sunday." our everyday lifestyles should make our words we sing in church full and meaningful. how true and lovely is that picture. on top of a neat message i was able to see dear friends. friends that i don't get to see as often as i would like so seeing them was ultra enjoyable.
i can't really remember monday but yesterday was fun. work, nap and hang out with chris and nicole! it was my first time meeting nicole and she was super fun. plus a new skirt, tights, and nail polish from forever 21. everything amazingly priced so i don't feel bad:) funny story...i was looking at the nail polish trying to decide on which brown. i was holding the bottles by the tops and when i shook one the bottle flung of and hit the lady standing next to me...the top still in my hand...yikes! she jumped and i apologized and when she said all was well i walked away smiling. a little bit chuckling but at myself not the super sweet woman. today i helped my sister pack and move everything in her apt. she and her husband just bought a new home. we are having thanksgiving at their house:)
i am so looking forward to the weekend. zack and i are visiting my little sister in slo and after we will be having a day adventure in solvang! i have been waiting to go there for years now and it is finally happening and i am so excited! it should be fun. hope tonight is so fun for you:)

ps- i haven't been able to do much lately and today i looked at my phone and saw that i had messages. when i listened, the first thing i heard was,"you have SEVEN new messages." yikes! sorry friends, i will be calling you soon.

it could have been so much worse...

halloween that is. saturday morning was the most crummy part of this flu i am experiencing. and i just couldn't believe it especially because i spent so much time making my costume and zack's costume this year. i made zack's while watched great pumpkin...i really love charlie brown. i was so disappointed at the idea of not wearing them and fortunately zack said that was not an option...not wearing them, that is. so, we got dressed up, took a couple photos, made a couple quick stops and that was it. but it was so nice:) i am so glad we got to wear them. we ended the night by watching the fall, if you have not seen it, please watch it. the little romanian girl is the sweetest thing ever:) anywho, it was a really nice halloween even if i was sick. if you can't tell, we were owls. yay:)
zack made his hat and he had a hard time parting with it...this photo was taken the day AFTER halloween:)
thanksgiving, i am so ready:)

still sick..

i just can't believe it. i am with fever and in bed and it is just horrible. but i am not throwing up so it is not ultra horrible. please pray for me.