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it is winter...

the beast.
gentry and i at our roaster...smelling coffee:)
me and gentry...getting ready to read a map.
the bosses.
so nice:)
bri-anne...i don't know.
zack...wanting his camera back.
the gang at the melting pot...minus cory.
chacha and ry-anne:)
a whole new world...ahaha:)

well, at least yesterday and today:) i have been wondering about winter and it seems to have arrived:) it has been quite a while since my last blurb and well, it is not because i have been lazy. life is happening so quickly these days and at times it seems almost impossible to do the simple things like checking email, answering phone calls, eating, etc. it is a new year and there are many exciting things down the road. i have my orientation this coming wednesday and classes begin very soon! i am super excited about going back to school. since finishing grad school i have felt so blah due to not being in school, so going back is such a breath of fresh air. my big sis is getting married in march. that is a big deal for our family considering she is the first of six kids to make this crazy move:) her, our friend linda, and myself went to la on saturday and picked up fun wedding stuff. our dresses are in, so pretty much we are ready... ok not really, i am sure they still have tons to do before the big day:)

a little while ago i wrote about a work trip. at least i think i did. just in case, a couple months ago, our coffee shop took a little trip to our roaster and after, to the beach, and after, to the melting pot. it was one of those unforgettable trips. good people, good places, good food, good time. i have photos:) so basically, i am am posting this because i wanted to post photos:)


i just need a piece of chocolate cake and yesterday was one of those days. and crazy thing, i got one from my boss.

ps- the bearded man behind me, that's my boss.

best friends...

are hard to come by but they are out there:) i am not really a fan of the term but sometimes it is a must. these past two days have been so wonderful due to the fact that i have been able to either see or chat with two of my dearest and sweetest girlfriends. i have known these two wonderful ladies since college and somehow we have managed to stay close over the years.... even when one left me for england(she is back now) and the other for a boy in florida:) it is so wonderful to know that friendship is able to survive physical separation. i have always been encouraged by these two even when we were miles and miles apart. there is this magical thing called phone and another called internet and between the two, we figured out how to make it happen! 

lena came to visit for a few days this week and i was able to see her yesterday and what a nice time it was. robyn made my morning with a chat via telephone. you know what it is? i think we work because we all love our Creator so much and that has created such a wonderful sisterly bond between us... that is our glue:) 
so, in honor of friendship, here are some photos from our years together:) love you ladies.