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more and more christmas:)

robyn and janell came over in the morning and we had such an amazing time together. we had lunch and sweets and tea and after, we exchanged gifts and let me just say, it was super. janell got me some really fun stuff but my favorite was the jar filled with button! thank you janell:) robyn made two pillows and the are AMAZING! owls, buttons, brown, perfect...thank you robyn:)
my family went to the christmas eve service at their church and after we went home to wait for the carolers. romanians still carol and it is wonderful and they come to my house every year so we stay up and wait for them. we had dinner and played tons of games and had wonderful family time together. christmas was really special this year. we had such a wonderful time together as a family and the focus was where it needed to be. that made the whole time that much more special.
since my sister and brother were home, we opened presents on christmas eve. it is nice getting that done christmas eve. we all opened gifts together and had such a nice time. i didn't ask for anything this year which is grand because i love and am grateful for everything i received. we had such a nice evening.
it was grand. on to a new year! 2010 is here, crazy right! have a super week:)

christmas part one.

christmas week was so lovely at the opris home. i feel like i have a million things to write about but i don't think it is possible so i will highlight a few.

early in the week my family had a family dinner and it was all done by bec, aura, and tim...thank you:) we had a terrific time chatting, laughing, eating, and building gingerbread houses. i say houses because we had a competition, boys vs. girls and it was intense. the girls obviously won but the guys put up a fight...kind of. i think they thought too much out of the box and maybe it overwhelmed them a bit:) we ended the night by going to rancho to see the christmas lights and that was super. it is tradition for us:)
i so love my family and it was such a nice way to begin our christmas.

merry christmas:)

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas eve and christmas day. i am pretty sure i will:)

love the stuff...

last night a few sweet friends and myself played a neat show at a little venue in upland. it was actually a terrific place and we had such a great time. a few other friends were there to support us. we only decided to do it two weeks ago so it was so nice that they all came out to see us:) i know i will have a few more photos to post but zack sent this one to me today. the guy is brian and i wrote about him before. he is a pretty talented guy and i am so glad to be able to music with him and the others who you will meet once i get the other photos.
we had a really super time and considering we only rehearsed three times i think it went pretty well. we had so many good things happening on that tiny little much to be grateful for.
i hope you are all enjoying this rainy weather. it is so rare so take it all in friends!
have a super week.

thanksgiving and the mission inn and surprises

what an amazing thanksgiving weekend and i mean that times a million. i know this is a tad late but things have been quite busy these past few days:) thanksgiving was so wonderful. we enjoyed it at my sister's home and when i say we, i believe there were about fifteen of us. my family, ryan and cc, ryan's family, and zack and janna. we ate for a while and it was a while because there was food like crazy! we are a board game kind of family so after our yummy meal, we got out the games and had such a fantastic time together. the night ended with a bit of wii. it was such a wonderful day and i was so grateful that day and am so grateful.

friday was black friday and no, i did not participate...well, sort of. i needed to go to the craft store to pick up a few items and thought that since it was the afternoon and the craft store, i didn't need to worry about the madness...and i was wrong. i waited for a bit too long in line and rushed home to celebrate my little sister's 18th birthday! i remember when she was born so it is crazy to think she is officially and adult. she is a lovely one at that. confident, humble, and motivated. after the celebration, my siblings, myself, and friends drove to the mission in for the lighting. it is always a fun thing and we have been doing it for the past few years now and has become sort of a tradition for us and i love it. it was just a nice time of togetherness. we laughed a lot, some sang...eheheh, hugged, and had an all around good time. and the fireworks were pretty fun.