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our new home:)

i will go back to the wedding day soon but i thought it might be nice to update on life here:) we are in our new home and zack and i and the kitties are loving it here! so, i would talk you through it BUT i am just going to let you take a look instead:)

happy friday:)

wedding week:)

i'm back again:) i think we left off at wedding week. well, monday morning we got our marriage license! it was so crazy but amazing. filling out the paperwork, changing my name, it was just wonderful:)
i absolutely loved the week before my wedding because of a few reasons. it involved my whole family being together. it involved zack. it involved some really amazingly dear people in my life. it was just so good.
i got to spend a lot of time with my sisters and let me just say, there is no one on earth who can compare to a gal's sisters. i know girls who are really crummy at loving their sisters and i will never get that. never. if you don't have sisters, it's ok, i promise. but if you have them, they are gems, entire treasures. so love them just like that:) they helped make my wedding happen with making pinwheels, paper cranes, chocolate buttons, programs, you name it, they did it, and with with smiles on their precious faces:)
mom is such a treasure too! i know people say your mom shouldn't be your friend. mine is. i love talking to her. she made cakes and pretty much just whatever was needed, she was there to do. being home with my family was such a blessing to my soul. i missed them a lot. my sweet dad. my mom. my sisters and brothers. i know i claim this a lot but i am so certain that i have the best family in the world. and since i claim this so often, i am really hoping that you believe me because it is oh so very true:) zack and i spent a great deal of time together that week which was so nice. there was no pressure, no stress, just a lot of time with so many lovely people!
Jen came in wednesday morning and that was just amazing. there were two people coming from florida and that turned into one:( Lena wasn't able to make it but she was there in spirit:) and it was for the safety of baby Seth and i can't wait to meet that kid:) and he is coming so soon! she was so missed! the second person was Jen. Jen has many roles- first, friend and after, coworker, cake maker, candy maker, crafter, and the list goes on. Jen packed our cake in her luggage and it arrived in perfect condition and watching that thing turn into the masterpiece that it was, was the coolest process ever:)
days before the wedding, we just did tons of fun things:) we made candy...and ate it:) we laughed...a lot. we made programs. we painted signs. we watched movies. we ate tons. did i mention we laughed tons? we did:) i loved seeing friends and spending time with my family and getting all the little things done before the big day. like make up and hair practice and counseling with the MacDonalds:) friday night came along and the rehearsal was just lovely. that was the night when the families finally got together and everyone met and it was a really neat time. it was just perfect! and there was night and that was followed by the wedding day...coming soon!

long time no see:)

so long that i don't even remember where i left i guess i will just pick up somewhere before i left montverde to get hitched;) the year ended so incredibly. my first year at MVA was such a i don't think i will be able to forget even when i get older and i start to do the forgetful thing! between AP exams and finals and getting everything into tip top shape so that i could leave peacefully, life was busy but good:) i had to pack up my apartment because zack and i were given a lovely new home to start fresh! and it is so roomy! and i can' wait to show you photos!
so school over, life in boxes, i was ready to go home to walk down that fancy...grassy aisle to say i do! my flight home was antsy because i knew zack was getting in at the same time so i wouldn't have to wait to see his face! and i didn't! we hugged, i got a kiss, and we were off! and since cc and ryan picked us up, our first stop was in-n-out:)
it was late but it was good and it was the best to be there with zack and part of my family. i was all smiles:) we got home and crashed. the next morning i woke up pretty early but so did zack so my heart was happy. mom made breakfast and zack made coffee and it was soo good.
such a looker;) that weekend was just the calm before....the calm:) there wasn't really a storm like i thought there would be. we had so much help that there wasn't really any room for a storm. we were both so grateful. we got to go up to the orchard and it was just stunning and i had goosebumps because that same day we got to meet up with Diana, our florist, full of wonderful ideas, and so, it was really happening:)
that weekend aura gave us a very special present. she put together a picture book of zack and i together and it is just the loveliest thing. i love looking at it still:)
we are so good together:)
more to come soon:)