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this song just is:)

happy sleep ahead.

ps...happy fall:)
1. What's you fave fall festivity?
crunching the leaves on the ground:)
2. Got any spooky ideas for Halloween?
i'm going to be wednesday addams and an owl...i don't think the owl is spooky:)
3. Pumpkin patch or corn maze?
4. How are you gonna give thanks this Thanksgiving?
with my lovely family. i'm pretty sure it is my number two favorite holiday.
5. Do you carve pumpkins?
of course. pumpkin carving parties are grand.
6. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
apple. i carve pumpkins, don't eat them.
7. Haunted house or haunted maze?
neither. i am not too keen on the whole 'haunted' thing.
8. What's your favorite fall grub? cider donuts from snowline in oak glen:)
9. What's your autumn drink?
gingerbread chai...fall and winter.

10. What's your fave thing about fall?
everything. but especially wearing scarves, hats, and boots...i wore boots today.
11. Cool costume ideas for Halloween?
wednesday adams and owl.
12. What are you wearing for homecoming?
is that in the fall?
13. Jumpin' in any leaves?
you betcha:)
14. Going any place fun this fall?
i sure hope so. a few trips to oak glen and the pumpkin patch are certain.
15. Fave Halloween candy?
reese's peanut butter cups.

sometimes people are just...

nice:) today brian and i are working together. half an hour ago, our really sweet friend from the olive market, missy, brought over spaghetti with veggie marinara sauce for both of us. what a terrific lunch it will be. have a nice day. i am:)

reason number one...

why i am ready to see summer go. i can honestly think of a million but currently the main one is so that yucaipa doesn't burn down. there is another fire today. i think it is the third one in under a month. i am ready for the fall.

fall, you're here:)

but not quite yet because it is still over 100 outside. i was too sick yesterday to mention it but i just woke up and i am feeling grrreat so now is the perfect opportunity. there is no question about it, fall is my favorite season and i think from this point on it will continue to be. when i was younger i hated it due to the fact that it meant summer was over...i don't know how i ever loved the summer time in california so much. it is nice and all but the dry heat followed by not so dry heat followed by more heat...i don't know, it just doesn't seem very balanced or enjoyable and if you are not from these parts, i should let you know it isn't enjoyable. fall on the other hand is wonderful. the changing, falling, and crunching of the leaves. bare trees. the pumpkins. halloween and thanksgiving...i like both. the orange, yellows, and browns. cloudy and cool days...sometimes even rainy. movie nights at home that require blankets. a lit fire in the fireplace. the pies and the cider. the pumpkin patch and oak glen. leg warmers, boots, sweaters, scarves, and my personal favorite, hats. i could probably go one for days about why i love fall so much but i will stop here. happy fall, my friends:)


i just watched this:

and i think i'd like to see it.
i don't like sick days:(


i experienced something so interesting at work today and thought i would share it because it was hopefully a once in a lifetime type of thing. a group of ultra hippies came in today and made a very big mess. i mean it...they left a mountain of trash on the table and floor where they sat. it took zack about five whole minutes of walking back and forth before he was finally finished cleaning the area...table and floor. one their way out the leader of the pack came over to where i was standing and asked me a very interesting question. he began by telling me that he was putting on a play about space aliens. he paused for a whole minute, very awkward, and i just stood and looked at him...i didn't know what else to do:) after that minute, he began to speak again and this is where it gets even better. he told me he was looking for costumes and after he asked me where i got my outfit. i thought for a second and followed up by asking him, "do you think i look like an alien?" his exact next move: long pause and strange stare-"ummmm...yes. soooo, where did you get your outfit?" i had to bit my lip to keep from laughing uncontrollably. i was wearing a pretty normal outfit today. brown leggings and a really cute teal top, gladiator sandals and a homemade hairpiece. alien-like? NO. because these items were purchased long ago, i didn't have solid answers for him so i told him to check target. if you know of a good place to find alien-like clothing whatever that may be, let me know and i will pass it along if i see him in the future...ehehehe:) terrible, i know.
ps...i saw this in vogue today and i have a sneaking suspicion that it might be what aliens wear...minus the russian fur hat:)

wild horses...

last night i knew the cute lady that won the british talent show was going to perform on the american version so i really wanted to see it because i just think she is such a cutie:) well if you know me, you know that my favorite song of ever is wild horses and to my surprise, she ended up performing it. she isn't mick jagger but she did such a lovely job. what a good song. anywho, i decided to youtube the song to see who covered it in the past and i found a few:

old and in the way

adam levine and alicia keys

guns n roses

and last but the best:

the stones

have a lovely evening.
it is ok if you don't like this song. but give it another chance if you don't:)

joseph's storehouse...

this morning i woke up a but late...i say late because i actually made plans:) but it was ok. i got ready and drove out to a place called joseph's storehouse. it is a really neat project i learned about through restoration and i really like what it is about. those who are able go in every wednesday morning from 8am to 11am, organize bags and boxes of food, and hand them out to those in need. a lady there said today was one of the busiest days they have ever had. it was my first time going and it is something i want to continue to do. it is a really good thing.
afterward, i went by augie's and met with this really neat lady. her name is cindy and she is inspiring and she makes the most beautiful quilts i have ever seen. they are so creative and poetic and lovely. the detail is incredible and she has the funnest names for them...i saw the one in the second photo today and it is named the three sisters mountain...and i really like that because i have three sisters. she is going to be showing her work at the shop soon which i am SO excited about so if you are anywhere near redlands, or not, you should def. come out for a gander:)
and just after that, i went to buy a birthday gift and on my way out i spotted these jelly belly jelly beans. i am not a huge candy person. i like pretzels more. but i like it sometimes and especially these...i think they are my new favorite right after reeses peanut butter cups:)
over and out.

a new place...

this weekend was a busy one! augie's the coffee house where i work, got a makeover and it was wonderful. i had some really fun plans for the weekend but those were put aside for the sake of helping to finish the shop...and in all honesty, it was absolutely worth it. i had a really neat weekend with my coworkers and the bosses who are just really good people. and we even had a few friends come to help which was so great! we ate together, laughed together, and went to church together. we really did, painted and dirty, we walked down the street to restoration together and enjoyed a wonderful service. and now augie's looks brand new.
james came in to help which was so nice.
from baby blue to autumn the trim:)
zack, mark, and austin traded off while sanding the concrete...that was an all day was a good opening night.brian and i.zack and pastor jon.
ps...since sunday plans fell through, i can't share about it but it will happen and once it does, i will not only write about it but share photos as well. happy week to you:)


today i woke up at 5 am like i normally do. the only thing that was different was that i thought about this day a few years ago when many people perished due to hatred. just thinking about it grieved my heart. the thought that humanity is capable of such things.
i got to work and it was pretty normal until one of our regulars came in. sometimes, i am think this lady either really doesn't like people or she is having a bad day...just about everyday. and it got me to thinking that we need to start being nicer. i think it is normal to have bad days. we all have them and that is just the truth. but maybe we can just not let it out on other people. you know, take care of the issue and move right along. i am trying to do this when i feel a bad day coming or when it has arrived and i need to do the get over it part.
also we should try to like each other more. maybe not look at the surface things and go down a bit deeper so we can truly appreciate humanity. i like the sound of that.
i am so glad that we are all different and that i am able to enjoy so many different characteristics that people have to offer. i would be so awfully miserable if everyone was like me. not because i think so terribly of myself but because people have so much to much beyond me.
i had a really long day today. i worked for eight hours. shopped for paint. painted until about 7:30 and am finally home...and ready for bed:) i hope you all have a super weekend. i work in the morning...paint...bridal shower...and bed. sunday will be super but i will tell you about it when i get there:)


this weekend and into this week, i experienced tons of it. everything from conversations with good friends to the movies to veggie burgers:)
on saturday, my tap shoes came in the mail! i was not expecting them to arrive so soon after placing the order but who can complain about that? not i:)
sunday night zack and i went to mike and jenny's for a really terrific bbq. the food was yummy, the music was pretty darn excellent, and the company was absolutely wonderful...the company is really what made the night so grand. also, our very talented friend played a couple of just written tunes for us and OH MY they were so wonderful...i can hardly wait to hear the finished works. that was absolutely the cherry on top.
monday was labor day and since work was out of the question a trip to the movies was a has been quite some time since my last trip to the movies. we saw julie and julia and it was so lovely. if you have not yet seen it, you should go.
yesterday, zack decided he wanted to snap a few photos in preparation for a few shoots he has coming up so we went to a fun local place and he snapped a few. i only have one so here it is:
today i went shopping for a bridal shower and i found some fun goodies but the best thing was this super sweet wrapping paper. it was a bit pricey but i like it so much and i can't wait to be able to use it again:)
anywho, have a lovely evening:)


i received the anthropologie catalog for september yesterday and it is absolutely stunning. i found myself not even noticing the clothing a few times because i was so taken by the photographs. i normally don't look at a catalog for the photos...i am a shopper:) i like the things:) but this one really is worth a gander so if you don't get it in the mail, go to your local anthro and pick up a copy. i think you will enjoy it as much as i did, or perhaps a little more.
one more very important item to discuss. today i took a VERY big step towards bettering myself. or at least i'd like to think so:) i don't like bananas at all. i think it is actually safe to say that i actually find nothing good about them...i detest the darn things. well, i was talking to zack last night about wanting to adjust a few things in my diet. not because i am unhealthy but because i want to be certain that i take care of the health i have. today, i was sitting around trying to decide what to eat and out of the corner of my eye i saw it...a banana. i thought i was going crazy even thinking to try it but i walked over, cut it open, and ate four slices. i could not eat the entire thing because normally when you don't like something you don't eat it at i have to take baby steps:) i am going to try to eat a little every day and who knows, maybe one day i will be able to eat an entire banana in one sitting. have a delightful day. eat something good:)