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any thoughts???

i am at work. 

this piece is hanging on the wall. 
jessie thinks it is a tad disturbing. 
this does not mean she does not like it.
so... any thoughts? 1- jessie and mark.

the day after thanksgiving part two...

from the end to the beginning...that is the order of the photos:)

                              [me in front of the mission after the show.]
                                                                     [the fireworks
                                                                        were pretty
                                                                      [the six of us]

my siblings and i and few other friends made our way to the mission inn last night to be part of the lighting. we did this for the first time last year, which was a blast...we missed those of you who were unable to make it back for a second round this year:) we watched the lighting and afterwards, went to dinner, which was the worst experience i have encountered in a really long time. but it was a minor glitch in the whole picture of the evening so all was and is well...minus the fact that i was not/am not feeling too well...oh well:)

                                                                            [joe and i]
                                                             [me and robyn]
                                                          [the fabulous four:)]
                                                        [beck, me, and aura]

the day after thanksgiving...

   gentry and i and henry:)
      gentry and i after one of those never again mornings:) going something like this:
-coffee brewer not working
-gentry trying everything
-americanos instead of coffee it is:)
-chad comes to help the a complete success...praise the Lord!
-2 macbooks plus gentry and i plus sufjan stevens christmas = happiness:)
have a terrific day after thanksgiving:) of the mission inn.
be there if you can.

i hope...

you all had a most delightful thanksgiving:)

so, today...

i spent some time reflecting on yesterday. yesterday was just a tough day for me. once upon a time i thought i was pretty good at covering up my bad days, put on a smile and all will be well. well, i guess it didn't work yesterday because everyone seemed to notice that i was perhaps not my normal happy much for that. it was one of those things that began badly when i woke up and pretty much dragged on until i went to bed...which happened fairly early because i just figured it was time to put an end to a crummy day. when i woke up this morning i thought about yesterday. something i have really been trying to work on is finding something good in every day no matter how crummy and i suppose yesterday was the first test since i began this little journey. when things are crummy we seem to overlook the good things because the bad things are bigger. during my quiet time i read the following:
if the Lord had not been my help, my soul would soon have lived in the land of silence.when i thought, "my foot slips," your steadfast love, o Lord, held me up. When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer me up. ps 94: 17-19.
i really thought about it and came to the conclusion that it was exactly what i needed to read this morning. after looking back on yesterday and reading this little passage, i realized that He was there with me during my tough time. i was able to see how He held me above the water when i felt like letting go. most of the time, when things go crummy, i feel like everything is terrible. i don't know why i do it but i do. i think we all do though...maybe because it is just easier to? i don't know. anywho, i decided to really try to focus on the positive things in my not so good moments and i did, while they were taking place which honestly doesn't always happen. for instance, i was able to get quite a bit of my u of r application stuff completed, including a child development class that i needed to register for. so i am one step closer to being ready for school come february. 
over and out.

one of those days...

today was one. i don't know about you but there are times when i feel like crawling into a hole and just staying there for a little while. do you ever feel like the world has let you down? i know it is a little dramatic but i think we all experience it. it is just this overwhelming feeling of makes you want to disappear for a little while.
i went to church tonight and the guy who spoke said something that i have heard before. but it was really good to hear. i think it was something i needed. he said that sometimes we get so tangled up in the things of this world that we leave our first love behind...that first love being our Creator. we have become so talented when compartmentalizing that we give everything and anything a place and give Him the leftover scraps. and when we find ourselves disappointed we have only ourselves to blame.

timtam slam:)

today is a sick day. i am not sure how it came about but my throat is in a really terrible mood today. i think it may have something to do with a sick coworker. anywho, i left work a little early because i just couldn't take the cold. i work in a library and it is always 60 degrees in there and when i am sick, i want to feel warm, so i had to leave. i came home and had some soup because everything else sounded painful. after, i plopped myself on the coach. i found myself watching oprah, yes really. the cast of australia was one chatting about it so i really didn't mind it so much because i actually want to see the film. the thing that made it really terrific, however, was the fact that timtams were featured as the yummiest australian treat...and i totally agree. when i was in college, my roommate introduced me to the timtam and to the timtam slam. it involves a nice cup of tea and a timtam...oh the joy:)
if anyone knows of a specialty food store where i can purchase timtams, you should def. let me know.
ps. yesterday was the first time in my life that i witnessed a full rainbow and it was the most delightful experience:)

halloween 08.

gentry and...gentry?

jeremy, brian, ian, and jason.

brian, the family man.
me carving a pumpkin.
me and zack!
halloween was a blast.
i think i am going to become a lumber jack/jane:)

i did, so should you:)

the sticker says---i voted:)

you should too.
today is the day.
have a good one.
fall is here:)


was close to absolutely brilliant:) photos to come... very soon.