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going to the post...

after a really long and mostly unpleasant week, i am fortunate enough to be taking a trip to the post office today. i have been trying to mail a little package for quite some time but time has been problematic lately:) beirut seems to be the music of the day.


is hear! i am ready for boot/coat/scarf weather:)


the boy in the striped pyjamas is coming to the us on november 7th of this year and i am really excited about going to see it. this is the one film that i think i will go watch on opening day. it is the story of a young boy whose father is commander general of a nazi concentration camp-auschwitz to be exact. there is a book. it is by john boyne. i am going to purchase it today. 

mama mia...

i went to the movies yesterday and saw it. i was going to take my little sister but she is in marching band and she had rehearsal so that did not happen. i went with missy and sarah, two lovely girls, instead. anywho, in a really strange way, i liked the movie. it is different and musical and really almost weird but i did enjoy it. there were some questionables throughout the film but overall, it wasn't terrble:) i won't recommend it because i don't want anyone to freak out if they see it and hate it but like i said earlier, i didn't think it was terrible and i will probably rent it and watch it with the sisters when it comes out. 

anxiety and worship...

so i know, two posts in one day but i have a lot to catch up on. i wanted to share a thought about two things i heard this week, both very important...well, at least i think so. the first was on monday night. i went to church and the message was about worry and anxiety, two things that i think we all struggle with at one time or another in life. for myself, it is something that i have been battling a tad these past few days/weeks or so and it was something i really needed to hear. the passage used was phil 4: 4-7-

rejoice in the Lord always; again i will say, rejoice. let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious for anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
i was truly moved by the message. there are so many times that we allow anxiety to consume us and it really paralyzes us. we end up unable to do anything because we are so caught up in the worries of life and most of the time it isn't even worth the worry if we really think about it. i left that night just thinking about it and how i really need to work on the way i trust in the Lord. well, mostly, that i need to start doing it more seriously. if i really believed Him, i suppose my worrying habits might be a lot less. the pastor gave us something to really chew on. he said that anxiety is not a condition- that is what we try to make it- it is a sin in need of repentance. def. something to think about. the second thing i heard on wednesday afternoon. i went to cbu in the morning to visit my sister and robyn. we went to chapel and john montgomery spoke. john was the reason that i started singing many years ago. he is now the dean man of spiritual life at cbu. they are doing this 40 days of purpose thing- nothing like the warren 40 days- and they started the series on wednesday. he spoke about what our number one purpose in life was and that is to worship God. he spoke about how so often we give our worship to so many other things when our Father is really the only one who deserves our praises...and how true that is. he asked a question toward the end...who and what get's your worship? and he said to be honest. he said that the thing or persons you dedicate all your thoughts and emotions and time to, that is what or who you worship. it was a really powerful message, one that i am familiar with, but a reminder is always good. we need reminders of such things to keep us focused i suppose.
over and out.


it has been a really long week filled with tons to do so i have had little time to write about my latest adventures. so today is the day. i just finished cleaning the house and cleaning myself up after cleaning the house so here goes-

last weekend i went to mexico. it was actually my first outing with the young adult group i have been attending for the past year now. i was a little nervous about the whole thing but not a lot because a few of my really terrific friends went along as well. anywho, we left at around one o'clock on friday afternoon and the car ride was quite enjoyable. i had great company, especially my back set buddy trevor, who wants to be a pilot after he finished college and what ever else you have to do to get deemed worthy of a pilot's license. he brought his manual so i quizzed him on what he knows:) there was also bri the driver and james, who sat in the front passenger seat because he was a little too big and tall for the back seat. we had some pretty neat conversation and once bri and i were over the music supplied by the boys, we decided to take control and teach them a little about real music. that didn't go over so well but i sure enjoyed the delightful tunes of sufjan, devendra, jose, and others:)
the scenery was so beautiful. i have never actually been to the northern parts of mexico and for the most part, i have only heard negative things about it but i thought it was beautiful. yes, the poverty was noticeable and it made my heart ache but the ocean and the colors of the houses and just everything about it was really lovely. we got to the house a little after 6 i think and well, what a neat house. we were about ten steps away from the beach and it was amazing. that night we played phase 10, ate spaghetti, showed- at least i did, and went to bed. but before going to bed we did something really terrific. our leader wanted to take a little bit of time to get to know us. he said he knew us but on a very surface level and he wanted to know our stories. so, we all took turned sharing our stories and about a little over two hours later, we prayed and went to dream land. it was so amazing to listen to the waves just outside but that only lasted a little while because i put my ear plugs in to keep the noise of everything out:) 
on saturday we woke up bright and early to make breakfast and do a little quite time. by the morning we were all there- a second group left at 5pm on friday and arrived much later. we all got ready and headed out to a church near by where we divided into two groups for the day's work ahead. half of us went to an orphanage to clean and the other half stayed at the church to help the pastor with a number of tasks. it was a long morning/afternoon of moving wood and cleaning trash. once we were done for the day we headed to a taco stand for lunch and after, a few of us went to a local market where i purchased a pair of pretty socks.
after, we went to a place called la bufadora which translated means something like "the blowhole." it has to do with this cave down in the water that sucks up water and releases looks like a whale's blowhole. but that is geological term as well just in case you were unaware.  so anyhow, we were able to chat with people there and visit a really terrific market and it was just nice. 
afterwards, we went back to the house and played ultimate frisbee. it was a little to intense for me and i got hit in the head by a big guy and well, that part really sucked. after the game we jumped into the water and it was sooo nice! once that was all said and s=done we ran into the house to get cleaned up and the funniest thing happened. something i hope to never experience for the rest of my life. it wasn't terrible but i never want such an event to occur. i was in the shower and the water shut the whole house. i had to get the shampoo out with really cold water and it was not my favorite. but the night went on. we had dinner, shared more stories, chatted for a while and went to bed.
sunday was our go home day and i just have to say i really did enjoy spending my weekend with such lovely people and also getting to help others out. on the way home i saw a squirrel farm. really. i didn't get photos though because i was too lazy to dig around for my camera. true story. that was mexico.

i am home...

from mexico and i received a new apron from my lovely friend janna:) i will blog more later tonight but here is a photo of my new apron.

ps...that colorful thing is a purse i purchased in mexico:)


Both New York and Washington stopped to mark the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Scene of New York service for seventh anniversary of 9/11 attacks

Ground Zero on the seventh anniversary of the attacks

In New York, the names of those who died at the World Trade Centre site were read out by relatives and students.

The ceremony in downtown Manhattan went silent four times, twice to mark the time when each plane hit the Twin Towers, and twice at the time when each tower fell.

The city's mayor Michael Bloomberg said the day would "live for ever in our hearts and our history".

He said the anniversary was about "New Yorkers, Americans and global citizens remembering the innocent people from 95 nations and territories that lost their lives that day."

Later today, the US presidential candidates, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, will attend Ground Zero, after they agreed to suspend their campaigns for the White House for 24 hours.

In Washington, President George Bush said history would look back at America's response to the attacks and that "we did not tire, we did not falter and we did not fail".

"Since 9/11, our troops have taken the fight to the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home," he said.

The president also dedicated a memorial to the 184 people who died at the Pentagon.

A total of 2,974 people were killed on September 11, 2001, when terrorists hijacked four aircraft.

Two hit the World Trade Centre towers, one crashed near the Pentagon and the other came down near Pittsburgh.

last night i went to a junior high school because they band teacher happens to be my big sister's guy and the band did a little presentation in remembrance of 9/11. it was very moving. the woman sitting behind me was really sweet...she passed tissue my way. anywho, yesterday was september 11th. i was thinking about the many things going on in the country and how for one day, being yesterday, things seemed to calm just a bit. so many things went through my head yesterday. for one, i was thinking about all the lives that were lost during those number of hours. all the families that lost loved ones and for what reason? my heart was truly grieved by the thought that we live in such a world... where killing seems to be the popular thing to do... how terrible. i was thinking about what individuals who lost loved ones were thinking. strange as it may sound, i really was. i mean, thoughts of calls and watching the news and getting the terrible news may have been on repeat in the minds throughout yesterday. i was wondering if lots of people have already forgotten. i am not saying harp on it or anything like that but with political views aside and whatever else, i am glad to be a citizen of this country and well, the event of september 11th was something that rattled us. there were and are many things we should learn and should have learned as a result. like togetherness, unity, the pursuit of peace, so on. i also thought about terrorism. bear with me and don't leave mean notes if you disagree, that is unnecessary. we are all free to our own opinions. anywho, i was thinking about terrorism and how so many people label an entire group of people from a certain region of the earth terrorists because of something a group of radicals did. the people connected to this event were evil to the core. to do something so terrible they must have been. yes, that can be argued as well but that is my stand. after studying the doings of hitler for so many years, i think i have a pretty decent grasp on the meaning of evil and i will stand by my saying that the men responsible for the attack were pretty rotten. but that does not make the region they were from responsible for their actions. right? not everyone was aware that such a thing would happen. we have to be careful with where we place our judgements. i think we have to be concerned about caring for people, for each other. how are we going to make things better if we don't? anyway, i was just thinking... thoughts of peace.

working at augies:)

today is wednesday and it is september so make it a good day. fall is so very near. anywho, this post is a special one because it is about work and it will have photos:) i have been working at a cool coffee house for just about a month now and it has been terrific. the name of this place is augie's and it was named after the owner's granddad, sweet right? it is the only red building in town so it stands out a tad but i mean that in the best way. every tuesday night (perhaps it is still monday... we are not certain:) a jazz band comes and plays in the alley right next to the shop. dim lights, coffee/tea, music, and the alley are an almost perfect combination. there isn't anything missing but i always hear that there is not such thing as perfect so i thought the "almost" would fit:) the photo to the left is a photo of augie. people, myself being one, sometimes think there is no real augie but i actually saw him once... he is not myth:) anywho, moving along, this place is run by a young married couple. 

to the right is a photo of the owners, chad and erika. i think it is important to tell you a little about chad's shirt because it is great. it belonged to his granddad and it has a brown patch on the right elbow. i noticed it a while back and i just think it is brilliant. erika is his other half and augie belongs to her family:) she just got a perm last week to add some volume to her already lovely hair... it looks very nice. they have been happily married for four years which makes them still newlyweds in my opinion. anywho, they make coffee. they are good at what they do. i have really enjoyed watching them work together because they do it so well and well, i don't know of many married couples that would be good at working together. i don't know that i like that very much because i think it would be nice for married couples to enjoy doing things together. there are some out there and this couple fits in to the some. erika has been a huge help in my learning of milk steaming. Moving on to 

mike. this guy to the left is mike aka big mike aka miguel. he is married to the cutest lady every and they have two lovely kids. mike is amazing at latte art... really. perhaps you still don't believe me. well, this thursday night he is leaving for the land of coffee up north where he will be competing in a latte art competition. there are two hundred people competing and he is one of those two hundred. he cuts his own hair too and it looks terrific. anywho, i have had the opportunity to work with mike more often these past couple weeks and i have greatly enjoyed his guidance and milk steaming help. and there is 

zack attack! yes, believe it or not, my good friend zack and i landed the same job at augies! when we first started we worked together all the time because both of us had no idea what we were doing. now that we are a bit more competent, we can work alongside others:) sometimes when i am working and he isn't he comes in with his computer and sits at a table and says he is doing homework. i don't know if the homework part is true:) anywho, zack is working and also going to school to be an english teacher. that is one thing i am a bit envious of, the whole going to school thing that is. anywho, he really loves his class and the people in the class and what he is learning so that is really great. he is also into photography and he does it very well. he shots weddings and stuff for magazines and so on. he is going to be moving to downtown redlands this week to be closer to work and to school. he is gaining one super cool place and even better, one super cool roommate. from zack we will move on to 
terry... terry if you are reading this, i fixed my misspelling of your name:) anywho, this is terry and he does not work at augies. he actually works at this really neat place up the street and around the corner called the pantry. terry would not smile for the phone so in the photo he looks a tad miserable but he is really not:) terry and his wife esther are just wonderful people. they are kind and thoughtful and in my book, that goes a long way. i like seeing terry every time i come in to work because he lets me make drinks for him... my choice:) if you are ever in the area the pantry is a place you want to check out! on to the
customers. one of the greatest things about working at augie's besides working with an amazing group of people, is the people you get to meet. the first photo is my friend james... sometimes i want to call him jams, i don't know why. anywho, james is a brilliant artist. i have known him since jh and it has truly been so neat knowing him all these years. all of the art hanging on the walls in the photos belong to him. the second photo is tom. tom comes in every day for a cup of coffee and for wonderful conversation. i just can't begin to explain how much i enjoy his company. and his suspenders, he wears different ones every day:) the last two guys are regulars as well. they are brothers and they are just so funny. the one on the bottom  just got into ucla's art program and he has been painting for a very short time but i hear he is a natural. i have not seen his work yet but if he made it to ucla it must be decent:) the one in the brown shirt is in high school and he plays the drums. they are both really neat fellows. all of our customers are really terrific. it is the place to be. there are so many great things i could say about my current place of employment but it would take a sit down conversation, i think. so i will just leave it at, it is a really neat place to work:)
enjoy today.

ps: if you know the place, you know that i am missing two of my coworkers. that would be gentry and brian. i don't have photos or blurbs about them because i have not had the privilege of working with either. but when i get the photos i will add them on and that will be very soon!

labor day...

what mine looked like:)

-woke up at 8:30ish.
-got ready for the day.
-went to drop off overdue movie rentals-
the machine wouldn't take them but i finally
figured things out.
-had breakfast.
-washed car.
-watched a cafe latte film for work. they said it 
would change my life, it didn't, well not yet at
-read a book- raise high the roof beam, carpenters
and seymour an introduction.
-went to the movies with the sisters and watched 
sisterhood of the traveling pants 2... def a sister 
movie. i am pretty sure we all liked it... don't 
judge me:)
- went to target.
- drove home.
- received chocolate and watched a couple episodes 
of that model show... you can judge me for that one.
- went to church and it was good.
- got home and made a book cover... it turned out to
 be super cute. see photo.
- bed time.

and happy tuesday to you:)