the passion

today is good friday. i know that there are folks out there who don't celebrate easter the way i do and that is ok, but i am going to share about how i do:) this week has been a really tough week for me. i am being stretched in painful ways and that is never a fun thing but that doesn't mean it isn't necessary. last night i received some amazingly discouraging news and it just could not have come at a more horrible time...easter weekend.
i woke up this morning still a bit discouraged but with the desire to make today NOT about me and the way i am feeling. i know that a huge sacrifice was made on our behalf and it just can't be about me. early, i began this internal thanking process. i began to think about all of the gifts i have been given and just spoke silent thank yous to the Lord.
i am a person of faith and sometimes i am so awful at it. truly, i am. but i know that everything points to our Father and all is His and He knows what is good and we need to wait on tough.
today we are getting ready at my house. food is cooking, cleaning is happening, and it is just nice. we have a good friday service tonight at restoration and brian, ben, and i will be music and we will read scripture together and i am really looking forward to the community.
easter is one of my favorite times of year. people all over think about the passion one had for people. enough passion to sacrifice His own carnal existence for their existence, not carnal but eternal...theirs, ours. the idea of sacrifice and passion and love all in one bring such peace to my heart at a time that has potential to be slightly crummy.
however you celebrate, remember to enjoy this time with your family. remember to be grateful for sacrifices made. remember that we all have to sacrifice sometimes but for the better in the end. so grateful. happy easter weekend friends:)