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Merry Christmas to you:)


the Piankos

so little time!

this one is just going to to quick and photos are going to do most of the talking:)

we drove to tennessee for thanksgiving to visit big sis and it was amazing...first road trip together... success:)
the scenery was just stunning...we wanted to stop every few minutes that passed!
thanksgiving is my favorite:) we watched the parade and ate cinnamon pumpkin pancakes...yummers!
spending thanksgiving with these three was perfect:)
we made lots of food...and ate it too:)
and we skyped with our whole family...and received a little bit of news:)
our thanksgiving miracle...i am finally going to be an AUNTIE!!!! hip! hip! hooray!!!
on our way back, we filled our tank with the cheapest gas ever!!!
when we got back, i started reading this, thanks beccers:) it is so beautiful. God is.
and just before we left for tennessee, i got a copy of voice got to be a part of it. it was super. so grateful.
side note-> we love to spend time in the kitchen together:)
also at work:) i am so lucky to work down the hall from my sweet:) i recognized the penmanship;)
i love this much:)
we finally took chloe in. she was fixed. completely different cat. in a good way...she's not crazy anymore:)
last night, he went out...and came back with "i love you" flowers. perfection.
and he had this too. red velvet? yes, please!
and then this morning at 3:30, something happened and it led us to the ER. my sweet fellow was feeling so horrible this morning and it turned out to be a kidney stone:/ he is so brave says me and the doctor who treated him. that darn thing is still there but it will be out of there soon!

the past couple of months have been just chaotic but i am so happy that my God is bigger than all of it. i can hardly believe Christmas is just days away. Cali, see you SO soon! saturday to be exact;)