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my life...

is absolutely upside down right now. but in blessings, if you can believe it:) that's all i have time for right now.

ps---z sent in his contract today! eeeeekkk!!!!!!!!!!

new news...

1. zack is an ENGLISH TEACHER!

2. we are MOVING!

more on this....soon:)

so excited:)

for what is down the road for this guy:) some really huge news...which i will write about tomorrow because it is bed time now:) so blessed, joyful, loved, and so on:) he's grrreat!

my home...OUR home...becoming more homey:)

my home has been changing an awful lot these past few months because someone else is movin in! sorry chloe and tobbers, it will no longer be just us three...we are now going to be FOUR:) since zack is moving in, there have had to be a few adjustments, minor of switching from a twin to a queen. ok, perhaps not so minor! and learning how to space save:) i have been loving it so much and i am going to love having him here so MUCH:)
people are so nice:)
toby likes his home:)
chloe helps me get ready for work every morning:)
they love our home:)
can't wait for zack and i to have dinner together!
it's bed time!

zack, i am ready for you to be home with me:) love you!

too many...

April 7th, i had the opportunity to travel home for just about 24ish hours for one special day. the day that my lovely family and close friends from home hosted a lovely bridal shower for your truly:) it was one of the loveliest sites. CC and Dorth could not have put together a more lovely event with help from moms and other sweet, sweet ladies:) there were photo frames, and birds, and bird nests, and tea, and food, and it was just the most delightful event!
they captured my personality to so well in that day and i felt so privileged and honored to have received so much love. it was absolutely too short of a stay but it was so wonderful. i was able to see so many friends and my family. getting to see everyone made me miss home so much, i can't lie, so i tried to suck up every moment i was there. it was interesting because it snowed in yucaipa that night when i arrived so i didn't pack for it BUT it was still perfect. AND I met the amazing gal who is going to make one beautiful day out of our wedding with her flower magic:) she's so cute and sweet, and she loves the Lord, AND she is a brilliant florist! her name is Diana. click her name to get a glimpse:) just to add to the goodness, zack and i have the sweetest friend capturing our special day which makes it just that much better!!!! oh my gosh to think that it is 28 days away and that we are being blessed with so much goodness through Diana and Erica is bewildering to me but i take it with open arms:) so that was my 24ish hours home for such a lovely day!
me and the best mom in the world:)
mom, me, and janna:)
cc picked the perfect cake!
cheech, me, and the beckers...aura, we MISSED you!
Dorothy and i...friends forever:)
so lovely!
kim, josiah, and much love:)
team canada! alexx, steff, me, and dilarra:)

ok, last weekend there was one more shower and it was the sweetest thing:) Jen and Lena picked a tea party theme which was right in every way! hats, tea, and all:) it was so lovely to have so many new friends come together to celebrate with me, that made me feel so at home and i just was and am bursting with gratitude:) there were different kinds of teas, tea cup projects, yummies, good was just a lovely celebration:) i love how many sweet tea cups were painted for zack and i:) it was just the loveliest day filled with the most lovely friends!
ready for the day.
so lovely!
painting tea cups.
Melissa and i:)
tea? yes, please:)
the lovely ladies:)
Jen, Lena, and i:)
a cookie jar and a recipe box!

i am really blessed, blessed, blessed:)

a lot to catch up on:)

and i think i will before this week is over....hopefully:)

here's just a started list:
shower 1
shower 2
home becoming more homey
ywam orlando
i will stop there for now:)
noapte buna!