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this guy...

i'm gonna marry him in just about...44 days:)
these past two weeks or so have been sort of nightmareish in a couple ways not all and not having zack here has been difficult at times so much so that it has left me feeling awfully frustrated. last night we talked for a while and at the end of the conversation i just felt so grateful. that he is a real man. so kind, so understanding, and so loving. his love for me just leaves me speechless and grateful. and i cant wait to not have to be across the US from him. good men are hard to find, it is true, so i am so glad i caught a great one;)

the only logically ok thing about...

being sick. it is that you are forced to take it easy for a bit...especially when moving makes you want to throw up. resting means listening to music and watching the incredible creativity that comes with it. see below:
can't wait to have zack here with me everyday...sick days included:) love that man:)

big jet plane

wrote a little something on the ride here:
They just said we can use our approved electronic devices so i decided i would write a bit because i had such a wonderful experience at take off.
Sometimes we forget to think big, think about the big things. We get so caught up in the billion little things that we dont even notice the massive airplanes. We started moving up the run way. A large monster weighing in at around a bagillion tons charging up a run way. The moment we lifted up off the ground my heart jumped. That moment it hit me. And it was a glorified sort of fear/awe/excitment. This beast just lifted off the ground and within minutes will be floating thousands if miles above the earth's surface as if weightless! My heart was jumping out of my chest with excitment. Im not on a plane every day but i do fly more often than the average joe or jane and i forget to think big. God big. Today, im tired and my eyes are on fire from tired but also on fire with excitment for the first time ever while flying. There is a song that has the lyrics "cuz i know that you're alive...and i sing to glorify your holy name, jesus fall down on us we pray." Its going off in my head none stop right now. I have only felt emotional during flights due to my human fear, right now it's not that. Its because God is so big. The fact that people can remove God from the picture when we have giants floating in the sky and on the surface of the ocean is so foreign to me. Methods by which we get doctors to africa to care for those suffering from disease and relief into the torn areas of japan and as selfish as it may seem, me to my zack and my family. And ones that can move beyond the earth's atmosphere into the unknown areas of this universe. I don't understand that. Never will. I don't think about this often enough and i wish i did and i suppose only i can change this. I have to. That's all. I just know there is a God. He is all around. In times of hurt, chaos, joy, all of it. He was, is, will be. If he's not, then my life up to know is a lie, meaningless. And every cell in my body is fighting that so it is not true and i write this in complete confidence. I know because i have experienced all of these emotions and a little extra in my life up to present. And these things just confirm his existance. And the fact that i am in the sky right now somewhere in between houston and orlando...closer to orlando by now;) hosanna in the highest. Happy sunday friends. Ps, im flying home from my bridal shower weekend which i will write about soon:)

bed time is a little early tonight. more to come this week...