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i don't like it but it eventually gets better...

i don't like when i wake up and feel awful. yesterday was just that for me. i woke up at five for work and knew that it was going to be impossible to go in...i felt that horrible:(
on top of that there was that crazy earthquake in chile and a tsunami warning everywhere. i watched the news most of the morning/afternoon and it was just so sad. def thinking of the people in chile right now. the clean up process is going to be intense.
i had band practice last night but it was only brian and myself. i wasn't feeling well but regardless, i am so happy i was there. my awfulness left me alone just long enough for us to write some fun part and enjoy music for a while:) we had pizza and nick and alyssa and jonny worked on a puzzle....i LOVE puzzles...A LOT:) this one was pretty great , it had a fence and cow with a sheet on its head, and a clothesline with clothes on it. i help a bit to in and out of musicing with bri.
we have a show at his home next saturday and if you are in the area, redlands that is, you should def come. it will be us, nick's band, and one other fellow named josh. i honestly think it will be a nice night...AND i think the EP might even be there:) maybe.

just browsing...

and found these:)

i really want one of the above some day:)

have a good night.

art auction and i need your help, so please help:)

hi friends:)
for those of you who don't know this yet, this year i am going to canada with a group of five people on behalf of CBU's ISP department. i know you are probably thinking, 'why canada?' but i say, 'why not canada?' i knew and know it is where i am supposed to be going and am so excited about it. the last time i led a team, we did an art show fundraiser and it was a success for our team and we are ever grateful to those of you who were able to make it a success for the romania team 2008.
recently, zack and i have experienced a crazy amount of help for our wedding and let me just say that none of it would be possible without the help we have received and continue to receive. God is such a provider.
well, we are deciding to give the art show a go once again for canada and i really hope you guys can help. i know you are all talented in many ways. if your gift is ART or CRAFTING, this is for you. if you know people who are good at it, please pass this along. WE ARE WELCOMING DONATIONS FOR THE NEXT MONTH FOR THIS SHOW AND IT WILL ONLY BE POSSIBLE WITH YOUR HELP. we received the most beautiful pieces for the last show and expect nothing less for this year. thank you for reading and i look forward to hearing from you.

if you want to ship something to us, contact me and we can chat.
if we can pick it up, we will.
if you want to bring it to us, that is ok too:)
please email me or call if you have further questions

vancouver 2010

if you are not an olympics type of guy or gal that is ok but i really am. i have been watching since i was a little girl...i enjoy it and it is nostalgic for me. anywho zack and i are watching the men's speed skating and it is just incredible that people are capable of performing so amazingly. and it really made me think about my own well being and hearing a donald miller chat about our bodies being temples and zack and i getting into running. lent is going to be health for use this year. something i will write about tomorrow. off to bed, work in the morning:)

poladroid what?!

so the other day zack was telling me about this app he downloaded and something about polaroids and i was just really confused:) tech lingo is not my specialty. anywho, we just got home from the riverside...i picked up my ring, and i remembered to ask him about that thing he was trying to tell me about the other day:)
well, it turns out it is actually the coolest little thing and i am about to download it myself! it is a little polaroid camera on your desktop and you can put your photos into it and get polaroids out. how about that?! i think i am def going to enjoy it.
i started reading a european history book today. last night i had a really neat conversation with a really nice girl at work and i felt like i needed to pick up a history book and read so i did. i love history. i love books. i hope your day was amazing. mine was busy and nice! nice! nice! also, if you have not been watching the olympics, just watch a little, it is really grand.

president's day

it is today. have a good one:)

happy valentine's day:)

i have had a pretty exciting one thus far and it is only 12:30:) i LOVE that:) i will be sure to post about later on today or tomorrow but for now, here is something for you to enjoy. the setting is my favorite city on this planet and the music is by this really super cool guy and gal.

enjoy the lovely weather and have a super day:)

itw part 2

so it is wednesday and i am finally ready to tell you about my weekend:) it was crazy and i would absolutely do it again. this past weekend myself and a few hundred people of all ages got together at cbu to make magic! i was talking to steffanie about it and she said that she tried to explain it to a friend by saying it was sort of like summer camp but only a weekend long...she also told me she took that back immediately and told them it was actually like boot camp. and i agree. when i shared my experience with a couple people boot camp were my choice words:)
friday night through sunday was chaos but in such an amazing way. i felt so full when zack and i packed up the car to leave. i had some really rough moments but honestly, i think lots of folks did this year, but the Lord was def. in it and i love that so much.
friday night we did this airport thing and i was really tired by the time bed time arrived. saturday we experienced this amazing disaster relief event and that was a high point for almost every student involved. the staff that put the weekend together really outdid themselves. from the airport sounds to the tarp shelters to the amazing race, they really did a super job!
amazing race you say? yes! sunday each team participated in isp's rendition of the amazing race and it was incredible. zack and i loved it so much that yesterday we went out to buy my a brand new pair of running shoes and we are going to start running together! something i have been wanting to take up again for quite some time and now zack and i are going to pursue it excited!
my team is excellent! we are six but the students keep us on our feet and i am grateful and i know steff is too:) monday night we had team time and we made pancakes, CANADIAN bacon, eggs, and hash-browns for dinner...who said you can't? it was a great time and i just love those guys and gals! catch phrase is def our thing:)
during that madness, i had to step out for a few hours because we had a show in pasadena. total success. once i have photos of itw, i will be sure to post. hope the week is treating you well. enjoy the rain, it won't be around forever:)


it is here! this weekend zack and i will be gone. we will be sleeping on the floors at cbu celebrating togetherness with our teams in order to prepare for our coming projects! i remember the last one and it was a blast so i don't think i will be too disappointed:) i will have to update with photos and more come monday. until that time, i hope you all have a lovely weekend...stay dry but do something fun:)

number three thing...ARTIST...if you are, read this.

i don't just mean if you are fantastic with a paintbrush:) if you create and that is a big world, i NEED your help! my canada team is doing a fundraiser to raise money for our coming journey to canada to serve the people! i have done it before and so many people were so generous so i am really hoping you will again this time around. we are collecting art, all kinds, from people who are willing to donate it to us. it can be a painting or a photo or something sewn or anything nice and sellable:) we will be doing it at CBU in riverside towards to end of march so please start creating! last time we did it it was such a success and i know it can be this time around but we will need your help to make it, are you in???

facebook me or leave a comment or email me or call me. thanks a million friends.
happy tuesday.

two things...maybe three:)

hia:) this weekend is going to be busy, busy, busy! zack and i and 400 other people will be spending the weekend at cbu having tons of fun...ehehehe:) training for isp. i remember the last one and although i was tired when it was over, it was so memorable and i am pretty sure this one will be just as memorable if not more! my team this year is AMAZING. four students and two leaders, steff and i, and we may be small in number but every person on the team is incredible....VERY much worth knowing:)
i will be leaving for a couple hours on saturday night to be part of a haiti relief day in downtown pasadena called love fest for haiti. brian and the rest of us will be musicing at this place called the james brown coffee cool is that?! if you are in the area at around 8ish, you should def come by:)
there is a third thing! but i will post it in another post:) the next one. now!