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can't believe it's already that time of year:) i love halloween, even if this year zack and i are sitting at home reading and grading and basically everything school:) the lower school had a costume parade and oh my goodness, they were so stinking cute!!! the craziest part is realizing we are three weeks down the road from thanksgiving which is my favorite:) i love everything about it with the exception of note being with my entire family when it comes. that's what christmas is for:) i hope you all have a wonderful night. safety first and always, friends!

going home home:)

last weekend, zack and i took a very short trip home home:) where the families are, california. my little brother, who is not so little anymore, tied the knot and it was such an honor to be able to be a part of something so special. he married a gal who is perfect for him, i think we were all kinda hoping joe would make her our sister, and last saturday he finally did! laura is such a special girl and the way she loves my little brother makes all of us so happy and we know God is the reason for all of that:)
even though our trip was so short and we were not able to see so many special people, we were able to spend time with our families and that was so important for both of us. i remember just before leaving for california i told zack the thing i was most excited about was hugging my mom...i really needed a mom hug and i got one:) spending time with my entire family and zack getting to see his mom and spend time with her was so needed and such perfection and i am so grateful for the short weekend we were able to have together.
i know a lot of people say they have the best family. but i am so sure i do:)
now for some photo madness:
zack and i, love him:)
had to sneak this one in because they just celebrated 33 years of marriage!
my amazing sisters- and oh so gorgeous!
the happy couple and my sweet folks:)
the original six- love, love, love them:)
the gals and their mama:)
our new sister:)

happily ever after:)

thankful for all things.

today is one of those days. zack and i are sitting at home grading:) we grade a lot... all the time. luckily, we love what we do:) anywho, it is one of those days where here and there i am distracted by my thoughts and today, thoughts of things i am grateful for...not a bad distraction at all. next week, we are driving to tennessee to spend thanksgiving with my big sister. i am so grateful and excited that we get to do this. we are going to be driving for hours and it will be just us and the road and that is going to be good quality time for us! we also just purchased our tickets to fly home for christmas! over two weeks of family goodness, all of us together:) i am so grateful for my husband. he is a wonderful man. he does little things, like every time we walk near a car door, he runs ahead of me to make sure i don't open it because he likes to do it. that's just one thing among the many. i just wanted to point out something that may seem small but really, it's lovely.

attention florida drivers....

apparently, florida drivers are our worst nightmare. yesterday, a women tried to make a u-turn on the turnpike- a freeway that's not free, and she almost slammed right into us. thank goodness I hit the brakes, otherwise we may have had a serious problem...