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i think i am sick:( my throat is on FIRE...seriously. you know when it hurts to swallow? i have that. and you know when you feel achy all over? i have that too. i have been taking tons of everything to make sure this thing is gone in no time. i am going to florida on tuesday and i most definitely cannot be ill.
my shirt say- thanks, thanks, thanks for not smoking.


i passed my first tpa...i got my results today:)
good night!


laura and i
the kiddos: bec, joni, joe, and laura:)
jacque and i
me, pluto, and laura...the guy in the suite was a bit of a creeper.
the birthday bunch...the brothers and i:)
laura and i
ry-anne and cc...he doesn't like to smile for photos.

was my birthday and it was such a nice day:) i spent it with my siblings(minus one) and a few friends at disneyland. it was a long day but i really enjoyed it. the rides were neat, the food was actually good, i didn't get sick, and i didn't burn...i left with a bit of a headache but who sunburn:)...thank you spf 50 sunscreen. anywho, joe, laura, and i get stuck on small world...that was the most intense part of the day...ahaha:) on a normal day, i really like that ride BUT when you have to listen to it's a small world over and over and over again for 30 minutes or so...well, i think you get the idea.

sunday nights at the park...

my family...i love them.
me and zack!
janell and i...we missed robishka.
kim and i

are so amazing. this past sunday night i along with a number of very lovely friends took a trip to the park for some good old fashioned birthday fun:) we played boardgames and ate and played croquet which is perhaps one of my favorite outdoor activities of all time. i made cupcakes and made fun little button toppers for them...i don't have a photo and i am to lazy to get it off my camera so you will just have to use your imagination. anywho, it was such a fun way to celebrate. i was not sure if anyone would come but they did and it really made my night.

monday madness!

zack and his juice.
and me laughing at who knows what.

ok, i know, three posts in one day...and one more on the way:) it has seriously been the busiest birthday week of my life. today was my first break since sunday so i am a bit tired...i am really looking forward to going to bed in just a bit. anywho, monday my good friend zack took me to breakfast because he knew he would not see me on my birthday. it was real nice and we had a real nice time:) we went to this neat little diner in claremont. the meal consisted of: a veggie omlet, a huge waffle with strawberries and syrup, oj, and potatoes...yum! he gave me an AMAZING gift but you will have to read the next post for that. anywho, we had breakfast, went to the record store, and after we took a trip to victoria gardens where i found....absolutely nothing:) but i didn't really care. it worked out because instead of spending my birthday giftcards on things i did not want or need i did something super with the gift cards i received today.


ok, so remember my wish list from earlier??? i don't know how, but i pretty much got some of the way neater things for my birthday! see the following:

stella is her name because after i cleaned her, she was so lovely and bright:)
remember how i wrote about the neat zack gift? this is it. neat, huh?
these were just a bonus:)
saw them on april 23rd...amazing.
ordered this with a urban gift card today:)
ordered this with my b and n gift card today:)

used the rest of my gift card $ on this:

the thing is, i am more excited about having had the opportunity to see everyone these past few days... the gifts(very amazingly neat ones) can't really compete with the people time i have had and it will only be getting better. saturday should be nice:)
i am so blessed.
thank you.

sad day...

those photos i wrote about yesterday...two out of three sold today:( oh well, hope today is delightful.

sunny mornings...

make me so happy. i like walking out at 6 am in a skirt without worrying about getting chilly. i can never understand people who say they hate summer time. there is a time for everything and that includes seasons and i love that. that sweet older man came in this morning. he was very excited about the cinnamon rolls. getting one basically made his day...and it was so wonderful to witness. it is the little things in life that are the most special.
there are these three photographs hanging at the shop for the next two months or so. i really like them so much but right now, my budget won't allow for a purchase so i get to just admire. maybe if i save my tips, they will be mine soon enough.

i registered to go to disneyland for my birthday. i know you might think, "wow, lame," but that's ok. joe, laura, and i will have a nice time, i am certain. good days ahead. have an amazing day.

don't judge me.

ok, so i watch american idol. i won't act like i don't because i do:) and this season, the last two were actually deserving of having the top two title. i liked one more for a while and tonight he sacred me. the other decided to get good in the last few weeks and i guess it payed off because he won.
today was a good day. i got to work, clocked in, and turned the little radio thingy on. it just so happened that right when i turned it on, my favorite song, wild horses, came on. that was excellent. kim came in and wow wee, we finished our morning duties quickly. this old man came in today and he put a smile on my face. he comes in a few days during the week every week. he can't hear very well so i have to say goodbye to him twice:) i say it softly the first time and he doesn't hear me so i say it quite a bit louder the second time and he says goodbye very happens the same way every time and i smile every time:) after work, i was driving home and there was this car in front of had a sofa on top. it was so lovely...i took a phone photo...that's how much i liked it. a little further down the street i saw a man taking a photo of a person in a chicken suite...that made me chuckle a bit. when i got home, i put roman holiday in grabbed a blanket, laid down, and fell asleep. it was a really terrific nap.
i hope you are all having an enjoyable week:)

tuesday morning...

i am here at work. there is a new layout and it will take some getting used to, but i like is nice. anywho, tony made an origami elephant last night and i saw it this morning and i really wanted to try it so i did. mine is a little top heavy so i had to hold it by its little tail but i am still considering it a success. they are all so cute. anyway, try not to let the downer things bring you down today...i did a little but the elephant def made it a little better. i hope you all have a good day.

ps...thank you for all your kind encouragements during my time of cset:)

i did it.

i took section 3 of the cset and my brain hurts. government, economics, and california history covered in 30 multiple choice questions and 3 essay questions. it only took me two hours to get there and three hours to get back...ahaha...only:) my study guide was really helpful. hopefully i pass it.


at 1:30, i will be taking section 3 of the social studies cset. it is REALLY important that i pass. i have been studying non stop for the past many, many days. i am tired but hopefully all the studying has paid off. please keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. pretty please and thank you:)

at this moment...

i should be working on finishing up my tpa. well, i am but i get so antsy when i am doing it that breaks are absolutely necessary:) so i was thinking about what to write about and the only thing that is coming to mind is something i just experienced. i have been waiting for my tax return for quite some time now. i was very good this year and i did them early but have not received anything yet. i know to some of you it may not matter, but to me, it means new it matters:)
anywho, i just spent over half an hour on hold waiting to speak to someone from the irs...that's always enjoyable. i do have to say, once i finally got to speak to someone, she was so delightful. i have never had to speak to an irs person but i am certainly glad it was who it was because it made for one very pleasant experience. well, all that to say, my tax man did something wrong. my papers were never received so now i have to figure this thing out:/
earlier today, i paid sixty dollars for one flimsy book...yikes. tax man, get on it.
over and out.

my mom...

today is mother's day so i hope you all wrote, called, or spoke to your moms today.
i am so grateful for the my mom...i don't really have the words to express exactly how grateful i am. she is the tiniest, sweetest, cutest, most loving person. really, she is 4 feet 11 inches...we all chuckled when we found that was not her proudest moment:)
her sacrifices have made all six of us the people we are today. from aura to joni, we would not be the people we are today if she did not live her life the way she has and the way she continues to.
moms, they are really special people. remember that.

it's hot...

i bought fabric today...and i like it...a lot.

this is my outfit today and i like it. i am feeling a bit blah(but my day is going very well) due to, well i would rather not i am glad that i like my outfit. i hope you are all having a delightful day:) i am.

this showed up...

in my backyard today:)
...if you can't tell what it is, it is a tiny turtle:)
what a funny little surprise.

thank goodness...

for wonderful films on time of great need. yesterday, i was stranded at home due to the fact that i had to work on my tpa. for those of you who don't know, tpas are a thing you have to do to earn your bueno:/ anywho, i thought i was going to go crazy. i went for a drive because i was so antsy...the focus was just not there:) once i got home, i plopped myself on the couch and decided to check for something fun on tv...yah, i know...but i was desperate.
well, the most amazing thing happed! roman holiday and my fair lady were on tmc, one right after the other. and with the help of those two films, i successfully completed my tpa!!! i really love, love, love those two and my favorite of them all...this is a bonus, is funny face. if you have not yet seen these three, get on it friends:) have a delightful day.

baby brother...

joe and the sisters:)
joe and proud of him:)

well, he isn't so baby anymore:) on saturday, my little brother graduated from college. i couldn't believe it. i am so proud of him and what he has done with life thus far. he is such a brilliant individual with such an amazing future ahead of him.
we had a fun time. good food, good friends, and one "ok" movie to finish it off:)
i hope you are all having a wonderful week.