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the kit cats are so sleepy lately:)
we are working away in the kitchen.
yum veggie chili is almost ready.
life is so lovely:)
we are children of a God who truly cherishes us:)

the wedding:)

ok, so it has been long enough and it's not on purpose. life, it is a crazy thing and it is just so hard to keep up sometimes...especially posting things on here. the wedding morning came and what can i say? i didn't have butterflies in my stomach, true story:) i was just ready and excited and a little bit/ a lot emotional. i couldn't help but look back on all that zack and i had been through and experienced together and apart and how it all led up to this one special day.
we all woke up early and made our way over to the wedding site and began the setup. it was very smooth because everyone was incredible. we worked so hard and we worked together and when the time came, i got to make my way over to redlands for hair and make up. my to lovely friends ash and danielle did a brilliant job and truly truly, i just felt so grateful. the flowers came while i was away so when i got back up there, i was absolutely beside myself when i saw all the lovely pieces arranged by my ever so sweet friend, diana:)
it was all happening and gosh oh gosh, my heart was more than full!
when i put my dress on, i don't know, there was just something so good about that moment. my sisters and lovely friends were there with me. it was wonderful. we had the loveliest gals shooting our special day. erica and amy. twins. photographers. lovely people. they really captured our day. from getting ready to walking down the aisle to our first dance to cake eating(yum:), they captured it.
walking down the aisle, i will never forget it. looking at zack and him looking at me. and our ceremony was so wonderful. i know people say those are the details you forget, but i don't think i ever will. our friend jon officiated the ceremony and it was personal and full of God and perfect and unforgettable.
the reception was lovely, the details, the food, and our cake...well, it was five layers of so much goodness:) thank you jen strahl:)
so all in all, it was an unforgettable evening:) so enough of the chit chat and time to share just a few photos. there are tons so i had to be picky but there are hopefully enough just to share what an amazing day it was:)

i will post a few more later on:) that's all for now:) happy thoughts and a good night:)