a new year!


happy new year:) a few days late is better than never, right? i have a great deal of holiday updating to do and hopefully that will all happen this weekend. for now, here is one update that is really near and dear to my heart. today was the first day of classes and they were really great and i am glad to be back. there is one new class that has been added to my schedule and it is one i have hoped to teach for a very long time and never could have imagined it would happen at MVA:) today, i taught my first Holocaust class and even though it was only the first day it was so good and i just can't wait to get to teach this class for an entire semester to high school students. i love all of my classes so much but this one has a special place in my heart due to the subject. God is so faithful in the big things and in the little things.
happy tuesday.