life in the city:)


the last time i posted, i spoke of a new journey. it has begun and it is happening and i am feeling so grateful. i live in the city now, SF that is, and every day there is something new. life here is not what we expected it would be, it is not necessarily going along with the goals we had set for ourselves but during this time, i have learned and am learning something very important. one day at a time. one day at a time. that is the most important life lesson anyone can learn. i really do believe this. it is also the hardest one and i think i will have to continue to learn it and relearn it at future points in life. i am ok with this fact. things never turn out how we expect them to. at this point in my life, i am glad that they don't. because if they did, i wouldn't be where i am with zack.
let's move right along. we live in the most lovely home. i have not posted photos so here are just a  couple:)

it's such a sweet and wonderful home with character and now that chloe and toby are here, it is so fun:) we live in a part of the city that is sort of removed from the hustle and bustle. it is a treasure. there are the streets that are staircases and they lead to a location where you can see the entire city AND there are slides! random slides! zack took me on a walk when we first moved in and it was the perfect way to get acquainted with our neighborhood...and i went down a slide...duh:)

the weather here is wild:) i went from nearly hot weather year round to wearing jackets in august. i love this. i forgot how to layer my clothes so i am slowly learning again! zack is helping me a lot- he bought me my first comfortable pair of city boots and i love wearing them. they are so lovely but mostly, they keep my feet warm:)
in the few months that we have been back on the west coast, my body has been on a slow mending process. just a few months before we left florida, i found out that i was allergic to a lot of things, most native to the state, and it explained why i had been sick for months. sick doesn't really do it. i lost my voice and was devastated at the idea of never being able to sing again. well, fast forward to now, and i am happy to say that i feel good. i can't say great yet but i havent been able to say i feel good since january so good is amazing! AND my voice is recovering and i can sing and i am grateful.
i had to stop eating a lot of things. seriously, a lot. the hardest thing--- bread. BUT i can honestly say that a diet change and an environment change was just what the doctor recommended and it's doing my body a great deal of good. AND i can eat some bread:) well, one kind:
my sweet mom loves me. she searched and searched until she found a trader joe's that carried a yeast free and gluten free bread! and it's not gross and it doesn't make me sick!!! she sent two loaves up with zack and it will last me until thanksgiving:) zack is also becoming quite the specialty chef. he has found great recipes for things that i can eat- my favorite is the pizza!
so as my body is getting older, it is speaking to me and i am glad it is. there are so many things i can't eat now but it is for my own good and i will take it. 
last month z and i celebrated 15 months of marriage. it's so hard to believe that it has been 15 months! i came home to lovely flowers:) they have been wonderful, these 15 months. they have been real and we have grown so close and can talk about anything even when we don't agree and are actually best friends and it has been good:) we are good together. i am learning that more and more with each day and am so grateful for the way that our Creator works all things together for good. even things like a relationship. zack and i. i know that we are being used here together and as individuals and i know that will continue. 

PS- if you're reading, please remember that i tend to be very scattered when i write:)